Rhythm Plate - Off The Charts Remixes - Lost My Dog

Rhythm Plate are riding high off their recent release on Lost My Dog . Their debut album has recited only the highest acclaim from many if not all the industry players that received it as a promo pack back a few months ago. Now we are treated to the remix package.... And it's Hot Shizz LMD

The Track List 
1. Not Like That (feat. Frank H. Carter III) [Hot Toddy Remix] - Smooth seductive and just the right tonic to uplift the start of your set. Hot Toddy as standard adds layers of slick sophisticated sounds. Making for a dope Nu-Disco come Indie House track. Going to get support from me for sure
2. Not Like That (feat. Frank H. Carter III) [Art of Tones Crazy Dub] - Dreamy almost dubby with its vibe. Art Of Tomes recreate the original with a very high level of musical understanding.
3. Bring It On Back (feat. Clyde) [Demarkus Lewis Remix] - Pro bally the standout gem of the pack for the house Dj that wants bump and grind for their floor. Demarkus who personally is on a huge renaissance of his sound .Looking further back towards his roots and the sound that he became known for get things slamming hear. This mix wasn't asked for by the LMD crew just dropped in the inbox one day. Straight away Ian & Pete knew they were on to something. This must mean it's time for more Demarkus action on LMD with maybe a feature EP
4. Keep A Light On (feat. Lorna Bean & Tom Edwards) [James Dexter Remix] - James keeps the deep flag flying with his trademark sound that encompasses that London Vibe, wear Garage meets house and in a good way. Easily another tune that will be getting support from me as well as many DJ out in the scene.
5. Yeah x 10 (State Of My Fate) (feat. Clyde) [YSE x 11 Remix] - YSE = YES for LMD with YSE adding more of his trademark sounds to the remix. YSE holds close his relationship with all at the LMD yard seen as he has appeared on no less than 17 releases. Expect more !
To summ up this release all i have to say is Get It When You Can !!!!

Dave Dubbz - Lost In The Past EP - Robsoul Recordings, RB129

Yum Yum .. David Dubbz man of the moe is getting ready to deliver a fresh funky release on Phill's reliable Robsoul Recordings. This isnt the first release that sees David unique stlye gracing the decks.. CDJ or whatever you use.
Coming from Switzerland David appears on labels that extend their love for the funky sweet sounds of house music.
The Tracks
A1: Wasting My Time - Jacking - Funky and a whole load of fun for the dancefloor .. Winner !
A2: Smoke My Pussy (Instru) - LOL good job no vocal on this would piss the girlies off !! you dirty dogs Phill & David ! Solid beats that will make the crowd rock.
B1: Lost In The Past - Dreamy dubby yet full of that disco esque style that comes from deep in the Parisian underground.
B2: Smack It Up - Makes me think Prodigy but no it's all about the groove and the beat. High energy playing the get ready for this game with the listener. A shuffling bump that will hold it's own on the floor.

Kahua Press Words 
"Dave Dubbz from Basel in Switzerland re-joins the Robsoul camp, following two volumes of Ghetto Funk Tales released for Phil Weeks’ imprint. His music can also be found on legendary West Coast label Tango Recordings.
The four tracks on ‘Lost In The Past EP’ do exactly what it says on the tin, with classic funk, jazz and disco samples expertly wrapped and filtered around punching 4/4 house beats."
Dave Dubbz on Facebook – www.facebook.com/davedubbz
Dave Dubbz on SoundCloud – @soundcloud.com/dave-dubbz
Robsoul website – ww.robsoulrecordings.com

Phill has been busy as a beaver in spring ... here is his latest episode of the legendary Underground Chronicles Series.

YSE feat. Frank H. Carter III Someone Like You Lost My Dog - LMD076

Ohh yes baby -- -Lost My Dog are dropping their 76th release today and what a scorcher. Someone Like You has YSE coming back and teaming up again with the irresistible vocals of Frank H Carter 3rd. the track is very uplifting full of garage esque vibes laid down in a new London style. This seems to be the new sounds from the underground. Deep yet funky yet sophisticated. The vocal story is placed in the versions of the tracks at just the right place. YSE has no problems flexing his house credits as this player has been in the scene since dot. Back in the day working with the prestigious DIY crew out of the UK. YSE provides a dub as well as an instrumental for all you DJ that just Do It ....
On remix we have UK players Rhythm Plate who swirl the beats up making it dance floor ready. Keeping the energy high enough you'll get to keep on floating as you wiggle the bottom end of your body. Italy's DJ Bene provides the other slightly more bubbly mix. Dj Bene is well known for his slick approach to the dance floor always delivering a lady lush ready beat that will always work on the floor.

Lost My Dog Press Words
"Like fish and chips, strawberries and ice cream, peanut budder and jello, the delicious combination of YSE and Frank H. Carter III returns to Lost My Dog for their third release. 2011’s Guessing Games and the three tracks on last years Foundations EP won the duo many fans and helped send demand for Frank H. Carter III’s songwriting and vocal skills through the roof. They now follow this success with Someone Like You, another warm deep house track with YSE’s incredible production skills working perfectly with powerful, soulful vocals from Frank.
Five versions of the track are included on the release, the first of which sees Ant ‘YSE’ Plate team up with his long-standing studio partner Matt Rivem, as Rhythm Plate. Rhythm Plate are currently riding high having just released their debut album Off The Charts to critical acclaim; an album which included three collaborations with Frank H. Carter III. As the remix title suggest, this one goes deep with warm chords adding a softer touch to Frank’s vocals.
Georgian producer DJ Bene provides the second remix, having previously remixed YSE’s track Worry on Lost My Dog in 2009. His music can also be found on GreenHouse, Sly Music, Ginkgo and C Side Tracks, and his remix here adds some extra dancefloor bump.
While YSE has been concentrating on the Rhythm Plate album and his new label projects Pressed For Time and Faux Metier in recent months, Frank H. Carter III has found success on the huge drum & bass track Oblique by Sabre, Stray & Halogenix, as well as house collaborations with Subb-An and Wolf+Lamb, with plenty more in the pipeline as the requests pour in."

Alci - Early Beginnings Pt3 - Robsoul Recordings ROBSOUL128

Rising star Alci the young producer that turned up oh Phill's doorstep with promo CD in hand is completing that journey with this the 3rd release scheduled from that famous promo CD. 4 tracks that take the essence of the sample based sound scape . Championed so well by Mr Weeks himself.
The Tracks
A1: Jungles Brew
- Bubbly jubbly and ready for the floor with a nice tech edge.
A2: Drop It - Rolling vocals ,enticing you ion to the stucco mids that work so slinkly with the bass.
B1: At Night - Swirling mids layed with a tempestuous percussion session. Tight relentless groove based. Heady New York styled interludes. My fav of the release as well.
B2: Rump Shaker - Big bold and happy to bring up the rear of this 3 ep session . Growling bassline beats that grow in to an immense groove. Scary like ever and defiantly one for the late night sessions.

All in all a very impressive start to his house music career. Alci is certainly a name that will be one to watch out for during 2014 expecting to see him pop up on  many labels with originals and remix work.
RobSoul Press Words 
"Alci’s three part series titled ‘Early Beginnings’ draws to a close and firmly cements the young Swiss producer as a House music star in the making. Alci’s first ever demo was sent to Phil Weeks at the start of 2013, and so impressed was the Robsoul chief that he instantly signed all 10 tracks to the label.
Alci, Robsoul and Phil Weeks are an ideal match, as this third installment shows once again, with his funky, looped, sample-based and heads-down jacking house beats aligning perfectly with both Phil’s and the label’s philosophy and output. It’s also clear to hear the influence of the classic French House sound and Robsoul’s interpretation of it in Alci’s music.
The first two volumes in the Early Beginnings series picked up support from Mosca (Radio 1 play), Darren Emerson, Roberto Rodriguez, Round Table Knights, Matthias Vogt, Dirty Channels, Catz N Dogz, Rolando, Hot Toddy and many more."
Something Extra From The RobSoul Camp 
"On 23rd October Phil jumped onto his Livestream channel to create a brand new track, completely live.  Thousands tuned in live at the time for two and a half hours, and to date over 17,000 people have watched Phil in action sampling and sequencing the track (including the awkward moment 30 minutes in when it become apparent that nothing had recorded!).  With over 900 comments made on the video, it looks set to continue snowballing!"

Miss Mee - I'm The King - Patsada Records - PAT012

Belgium's finest lady house export Miss Mee is back for her 12th release after a short break from things. 12 months fly past the world turns completely once and the house scene goes all deep on us. Yet not to worry Miss Mee brings the jack to the front of things again. As ever she takes the crisp tight percussion beats and wraps them tightly in to a bouncing bassline. In it's original form I'm The King the beats are infectious gritty and mother fucking groovy. Well placed in the peak time set as much as the early evening slot. 3 remixes add spice for all DJ out there wanting to use either a dubbed out version or a full on break fulled beat fest.
Pastada Press Words 
"I’m The King sees the return of Miss Mee and her label Patsada Records after a break of almost 12 months. The new single picks up where her last release The Train left off – a deep, jacking and relentlessly groovy affair. Fellow Belgian producer Ecco provides a remix which strips things back to focus on a dirty throbbing bassline, and French duo Ultimate Breakers follow up recent outings on FHD, Fusion and Bembe with another suitably filthy, beat-driven workout.
Miss Mee is a DJ, producer and label manager from Brussels, Belgium, who is creatively inspired by the diverse genres that dwell in her life at the heart of Europe. Spending more than a decade in the music industry, Miss Mee has perfected her blend of personal, feminine house music, always surprising her audience with special cuts and inspiring them with her resolutely positive attitude.
Her influential work has graced such labels as Robsoul Recordings, Brique Rouge, Swing City and Maracuja, whilst her own label Patsada develops artists’ and philosophizes the house sounds close to Mee’s musical roots – soulful, funky house inspired by the thriving NYC, Chicago and San Francisco scenes. Miss Mee is all about the lively, organic and fun side of the industry, which she is soulfully keeping alive.
Aside from Miss Mee’s own productions, Patsada Records has previously featured the jacking sounds of DJ Sneak, Phil Weeks, Jason Hodges, Hokus, Monoman, Anhanguera and Loopity Goofs and is consistently increasing its party."
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