SHR040 - Jerry Rekonius - Magnetic (Original Mix) Sunhouse

  Sunhouse Records present you his new release Magnetic (Original Mix) by Jerry Rekonius who is himself already supported by Tiesto, Markus Schulz, Fedde Le Grand, Funkerman, Abel Ramos, Kid Massive and many more ....

It's called Magnetic, simply because it sticks in your head!

Release Date

October 27, 2010
SHR040 - Jerry Rekonius - Magnetic (Original Mix)

Groove Junkies

There’s no shortage of US based house producers, so it takes something quite special to rise above the rest and shine. The fact that Groove Junkies have cultivated such a strong reputation in such varied corners of this industry is testament not only to Evan’s enormous talent as a producer and his unbridled skill as a DJ, but a combination of both - intertwined with that rarest of things; true star quality. There are no indications of letting up the pressure in 2010, as he continues his prolific studio output, maintains his international DJ commitments, and continues to host his acclaimed monthly MoHo Stereo Radio Show on a variety of high profile media outlets throughout the world. With further awards nominations most probably in the pipeline and the dance floor bombs guaranteed to be flowing, Evan Landes is a force that can not be ignored.

You Love HouseGroove Junkies
"You Love House (feat. Chappell)" (mp3)
from "You Love House"
(Morehouse Records)

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So Damn CrazyGroove Junkies
"So Damn Crazy" (mp3)
from "So Damn Crazy"
(Morehouse Records)

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Moho Vaults Vol. 1Groove Junkies
"Midnight (feat. Diane Carter)" (mp3)
from "Moho Vaults Vol. 1"
(Morehouse Records)

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From Tokyo to Dubai With Love - GrenHouse Records - ghr050

You know it .... this is the one we have been waiting for .. with the odd track here and there getting a solid rinse by exclusive top flight DJ these tunes are fresh as a daisy .. Andrew has been working like a Trojan this year celebrating 25 years of house... like many other long time Dance music freaks .... . House music from it's earliest days from it's independent regions crafting there own sound shared one common calling the beat... Here Andrew has enlist old & new friends from his 25 years  to slide together a smoking collection of tunes .. The 5 tracker is headed up by Miles Maeda  - Dancin To The Beat, miles heads to the days of yesteryear and swirling disco synths of New York Styled house ... building with anticipation the tune is ready to rock your peaktime throw down .. Absolute banging tune ..
 Next we have Easily Influenced  - Takin It Up A Notch dropping a jacked up mix the is solid ... that's 2 for 2 .. umm you just get the vibe that every tune is a humdinger ...
Next Richie Kidd - If Ya Feel The Beat shines like a star with a real soulfull bump .. lyrics that hook you in and bounce you along on the bassline also .. righteous horns as well .. ... Smoking ...!!!
Cenzo & Max Herbert     Breeze hand in a smoldering jazz driven house beat.. infectious as hell .. like riden the soul train .. just grab a seat and feel the ride .. Top tune .. already been slammed in my Radio Show ...
Rounding this must have release .. Tourist     What I Say drops a funky chunky beat show.. warm bumping bass beats and techy lead mids..
Just get this Now ... You will be playing this for years to come .. it's up there with a Classic Drop Release... GreenHouse are sure let us know they have there heights set high ..

Looking forward to The Excellent Beats of Label head Andrew and his MASSIVE 2 part Album


From Tokyo to Dubai With Love by Various Artists on Greenhouse
EP Track(s)
* Miles Maeda - Dancin To The Beat
* Easily Influenced - Takin It Up A Notch
* Richie Kidd - If Ya Feel The Beat
* Cenzo & Max Herbert - Breeze
* Tourist - What I Say
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GRVT001 - Saccobros - Paracetamol Ep Gravite records

Rocking tunes through this EP .. a cross over through deeper trancey house sounds to a more psy trance vibe ... i will be playing Paracetamol and Senseimila ...
Launching the label with the first release from Bruno Sacco aka SACCOBROS (Rationalism/Unlock/Trenton).
For this release Bruno delivery that clearly in the ep-style Saccobros with 5 tracks, 3 of which style Tech-house and two style Techno very effective and planing.
Out October 29, 2010
///Pre-release on 

SMR032 - Albino - Got 2 Move Sound Mass Records

Awesome beats being dropped by Sound Mass Records.. This release has Albino drop pounding funky groove based house beats .. ready for the steamy club sets .. all the tracks has smoking energy so just take your pick.. I have been a long time fan of Sound Mass Records and have been tipping folks of for a far few months through the blog that you should be keeping track of this labels releases as they are making waves in the DJ sets across the globe ..
SMR032 - Albino - Got 2 Move

"Utku Dalmaz with another great remix!! support!!!" Yesterday
Support: Someway
by Sello
"Nice!!! love the original!!! great groove utku dalmaz also for me" Yesterday
Support: Play Live
by Mombacker (Plusquam/Modifi/Drag)
"sabb remix is hot !!" Yesterday
Support: Someway
by Hermanez
"definately something i would play, loving all the versions but the sabb remix is the 1 for me! nice work" Yesterday
Support: Someway
by Peeta
"Hell yeah! SMR rockin it!" Yesterday
Support: Play on Radio
by untitledmusic
"Great EP, full support!" 2 days ago
Support: Play Live
by Phillip O.
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