Maxxa - Passion - Soluble Recordings SR004

Always great to get a new release from the Slovakia (Slovak Republic) label Soluble recordings... Deep Funky House is their game and each release so far has excelled .. This time  Czech Maxxa is drawn it to launch is appearance on Bollo label ...
Out In Oct/ Nov .. well worth grabbing i'm rooting for all the original  tunes .. tight beats smooth jazz licks all packaged up in to 3 tunes set for bouncy crowds that enjoy deep funky house ..
Passion has a a seductive underlying vocal that nips your heels keeping you bobbing about to the bassline ..
 Time to go has a sinister deep bass and an infectiously hypnotic rhythm ... Deep house .. folks ...

 "Soluble Recordings presents it's fourth release produced by the Czech artist Maxxa. Proving his Passion for the house music he delivers this great four-track EP with the characteristic deep synths and vocal samples. Therefore, if you love Deep it's Time To Go to check this one out, as it's certainly gonna be resonating In Your Head for a while! :) " 

Corduroy Mavericks - Just Kickin It EP - DeepFunk Records

Got to say i have been smashing all the tunes of this in the past 3 weeks... diamond Chemars Remix as well as Smoking Frankie J.. mix that is super twisted and low down dirty ... Grab this at Beatport As An Exclusive Now

Corduroy Mavericks
Just Kickin It EP
Remixes by Frankie J., Chemars

The Just Kickin It EP is the Corduroy Mavericks' debut for Deepfunk, featuring three potent swing house stompers and on point remixes from Frankie J. and Chemars. "Sing To Swing" leads the charge, adopting a jazzy stance with its scat vocals, trumpet solo'ing, and growling stand-up bass all on top of solid house music rhythms. "It's Not Like That" follows, adding an R&B ingredient to an already funky stew with melodic vocal samples and a bouncing bass line. The third cut, "Game Show Playa", shows the Mavericks' sense of humor with some cleverly selected samples aiming to put a smile on the face while the feet are grooving on the floor. Party time!

Finally, "Sing To Swing" is revisited with a couple of club ready remixes. Frankie J. (Spatula City, Flapjack) expertly draws upon his Chicago home base for his version, featuring jazzy chord hits and drum fills driven by funky bass pops. Its deep house elements combined with a punchy rhythm lead to some serious late night action. Romanian producer Chemars (Blockhead, Funkfield) is next with an unabashedly jazz-influenced jackin' house mix complete with a bouncy piano line, horn stabs, and an old timey jazz crooner breakdown that is guaranteed to make the dance floor flip the f**k out.

Listen to Corduroy Mavericks - Just Kickin It EP by Deepfunk Records

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DJ Reactions

Mark Farina - "Excellent! Top notch house!"
DJ Sneak - "Top billin, great tracks to play out."
Andy Riley (Inland Knights) - "its not like that def the jam here for me....nice!"
Tony Humphries - "Nice funky tracks, overall a good EP"
Robert Owens - "(Sing to Swing) Great track love it"
Tommy Largo - "diggin all tracks."
Rick Preston - "DeepFUNK!!! ALL of these are very tasty!!"
Doc Link - "Feelin This for sure!! Full support!!"
John Mateo - "JAZZ IT UP"
DJ EMan - "Nice!"
Husky (Random Soul) - "great pack of jacked up beats here... this is rockin my CD wallet for a while"
Jota Wagner - "upbeat, groovy, well produced and organic. hot!!"
Jason Hodges - "Frankie's mix is the choice cut!"
Larry Fives (Inland Knights) - "Great ep here.. will be playing out!"
Phil Weeks - "frankie and chemars mix are doing it for me."

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Dave DK - Axel Boman - Citycobra - Retake One Sampler - MoodMusic

Another awesome release from mood music .. it's been one cracking year for quality beats from this label .. full support as ever ... 
Smooth beats that bubble away nicely
in my deep house sets  

"Moodmusic will release a new mix CD, Retake One, in November. The mix is helmed by Berlin DJ and producer Dave DK, whose long history with Moodmusic includes his 2007 debut longplayer Lights and Colours. The overriding deep house feel of Retake One incorporates vocal cuts from Ian Simmonds and Nina Kraviz, and off-kilter pop tangents courtesy of Superpitcher and Good Guy Mikesh. Three of the mix's exclusive tracks : Axel Boman's Cinquenta, Citycobra's Fresh Simple and Dave DK's own Will Be Gone are now due for a 12-inch release. Dave starts with Will Be Gone, a deep yet driving groover in finest DK style. Taking a step forward from his latest work, he incorporates pick guitar and classy jazz samples into a uplifting and finely crafted come back. Citycobra, one half of Smash TV, debuts with Fresh Simple on Moodmusic. A deep slice of pad infused house with a highly teasing arrangment building a modern take on Burrell Bros. Last but not least, man of the moment, Axel Boman delivers some fine dub infused moments on Cinquenta, a modulating roller, taking you on a trip from the first moment on and keeping you nailed on the floor ! Watch Out!" 

Track List 
01: Dave DK - Will Be Gone
02: Citycobra - Fresh Simple
03: Axel Boman - Cinquenta


Out later this month don't sleep on this !! 

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