Mirko Di Florio - Sex Monster EP - Mile End Records

Mirko Di Florio - Sex Monster EP  Mile End Records up coming release has 2 storming tech house infused tracks . Both have a great bubbly undertone that we have come to know and love from Mile End. With regular support from industry players like Darious Syrossian. Mirko Di Florio can be found delivering funky chunky sets over at "Do Not Sleep" in Ibiza . So you get the impression that he knows what the floor wants.
with this label always havin great sounds it's never one to be overlooked.
have a look at what Darious is charting this month as it contains 2 hot releases from Mile End Records.

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No Rabbitz - This is Grexit EP - Out Of Home! Go To House! Records

Deep House label Out Of Home! Go To House! Records dive deep in to the thick of things hear with a sweet EP. No Rabbitz - This Is Grexit as a lead track has a driving groove, pushing you along weaving its body tight to the flute solo. Defiantly a great seed of a song. For me it's all down to the remixes hear .. we sure are treated ... Manchesters Robot Needs Oil needs no introduction for the serious house heads. Hear his mix is given some beefed up bass whomps with more focus being laid down on the percussion and the trbally drive . Great for the outdoor rigs will get the show moving. For the 2nd remix Vynal K shares his passion for the flute keeping it as a major force behind his remix . Also making sure the tune locks down that sumptuous groove. During the journey the atmosphere is intensified by the whirling mids..
Rounding the ep off we have quality producers in there own rights Junior Pappa & Antonio deliver more tribalistic beats , This session working more with the percussion making for a delightful riddim. Sorta somewhere between minimal tech and a ethno upbeat.. With this being the labels 6th release im sure it means we a have lots of great releases coming

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Mick Verma - Smooth Edges / Fonder - Vison collective Recordings

Up next on Ireland's Vision Collective Recordings their is Mike Vern. Looking a little deeper at the pair of these we see they spawn from the same city Cork . Which may i add is the base for              deephouse-radio.com    
Where i have a residency that airs multiple times a week . Out through the inter net as well as one of Cork's FM channels that bubbles with many many listeners delivering a host of shows that pretty much nail the house music genre. 

This EP being the label's 24th release of soulful deep house has just that. 2 tracks that showcase and highlight the talents that constantly keep cropping up from this lovely part of the world.
Fonder has a slick almost disco hum to its grind . Sporting a tight vocal that joyfully plays with you getting you in the mood for a good dance. Sorta NYC the garage sound yet subtle enough to work it a fresh underground mix. Smooth Edges is an all together different kettle of fish, Chunked out kicks and a smooth large music slid'y bassline this has a very classic feel to it. Later on in the tune we pick up some welcomed key action enlivening the 2nd half fattening it making it for a great tune ..

Vision Collective Recordings

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Xerophythic Soul - Ancient EP - Smooth Agent Records Africa - SARA1013

Starting to share the vibe for the African ting that's 3 labels i work with that have exclusive content from African artists only  ..
This ep holds up nicely with the Ethno vocals and sweet uplifting beats of  Maishab Urafiki . Leading us in to 2track 2 the smoother roller that has you placing that in your sets and sundown or in the world section of a festival session .. [which i may add i have found myself playing during the changes on a festival main stage.]
Thanks as ever Sean and looking forward to the next installments ..

Some words from Sean at Smooth Agent Recordings  about the release
"Xerophytic Soul's who’s name is Mbulelo Mehlomakhulu was born in 1995. Mbulelo began listening to house music at the age of 9. In 2009 he began to start his journey as a music producer. Through the process of working hard at his craft he slowly developed his unique music production style. This style is a mix of afro house, jazz, Detroit techno and deep house. Xerophythic has released his music on number of labels including DNH, Catch 22 and FOMP. On the Ancient E.P. we have 2 musical gems in ’Ngoma Africa” & Maisha Urafiki. We feel these two tracks will not only give you a taste of the Xerophytic sound but also a unique listening experience as well.."

Smooth Agent Africa

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Adana Twins - heroe Remixs - Exploited

Tidy !!!! Exploited are making it loud and proud that the remix package is going off currently ..
with 3 smoking cuts just in time for ADE2015 we will be expecting the dancefloors to be getting a good rub down with these bad boys...
Seven Doors remix has a mighty ethereal sound that sorta rolls a bit like a Portishead tune on a e .. Krankbrother dips his toe in to an acid squelch that grooves along very infectiously with Dino Lenny rounding the trio off with a thumping techno minimal version with airy approach and a darker undertone.
Support from Dyed Soundorom, Tim Green, Laurent Garnier, Oliver Koletzki, Pig&Dan, Karotte, Douglas Greed, Adriatique, Walker&Royce, Sasha, Noir, Luna City Express, Wildkats....

With such a heavy roster and such massive release of late i want to take the chance to cram some more in this artical ... starting with Claptone next smash on the way .. i have used this to great effect on the dancefloor .. 
The Only One has emotional gentle male vocal that just draws your ear deeper in to the mix .. As ever Claptone layers such a musical track underneath , with whimsical piano keys a growling basssline that build as the tune develops . Layers and layers are constanly being placed neatly building us up in to a mighty break diown and solid kick back for the bassline  
Following we have In The dark and boy what a hummer of a sound this makes when a nicely warmed up system get a hammering from it.. Claptone has a way of just getting us lost in the groove weather it's from hypnotic vocals and piano keys to sumptuous bass drops .. Its hear and we dont like it ... We Love It ! get this when you can ... !!! 
keep it fresh we have the latest installment to look at from the sister label Ghetto Exploited .. This side of teh family i have to say i enjoy .. and lots .. just because Shir - i - Khan diggs in to the darker twisted sounds that infectiously dont leave you alone . hear he enticed Click Click  with The Muzic Box - Click Click takes on a jackin trip with his old skool womp bassline and crafty vocal snipps getting chopped diced and re-spliced. The beats are thick and funky with just the right amount of twited .. Just the sorta jack i like .. 
Some words from exploited on the release : "Click Click made bis debut on the Exploited Ghetto imprint with ’The Muzic Box’ which became the best selling release of the still young label. His debut did see support and reactions from Claptone, Claude Von Stroke, Tiga, MANIK to mention a few. According to Mixmag it was also one of the Top Tracks that blew up the Dirtybird 10th Anniversary in London.
Lately he released a remix for Marques Wyatt’s classic ’For Those Who Like To Get Down’ from 2002 on San Francisco label Om Records alongside Soul Clap.
He keeps a residency in Berlin’s Watergate, has also released music on Green Velvet’s Cajual Records and now returns to Exploited Ghetto with his follow-up ’This Is Soul’.
Some links to check on Click Click:

Havin to say this is a dope tune and will be getting some air time from me this summer .. have a listen yourself ... 

Hear is the labels latest podcast from download and some links to there web store homes 


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