Smoking guns come out of the southern hemisphere .. Oscar P has and his New York Label help launch a buzzing talent . loads of cool Afro beat rhythms and uplifting beats this will get your party started .. Afro Rebel Music

Open Bar Music's new spin-off label dedicated to one thing.

The sound of South Africa. The new sound of deep house.

There's a new sound dominating the global charts right now.

South African artists have been emerging in great numbers

for the past 5 years. The sub-culture and base is the strongest

in the world, as large populations of Africans live in all major

cities and they support their own. A.R.M. or Afro Rebel Music

will explore the new wave of producers making a mark for

themselves. ARM will be that outlet.


Pablo Sanchez feat. Kissey Asplund - Sunstar House Mixes - Tom Demac, Garnica & GarcyNoise Remixes CAUSE018

cool sophisticated beats.. the original oooozes smooth summer grooves.. nice crisp vocal usage .. ill be supporting this one
Tom Demac mix is old skool with those beats.. stripped back effectively

Gracey Noise as always turn in a cool deep house cut.. bubbly beats .. chunky solid and ready to make waves in my Radio & DJ sets

scorching release.
Out This Month

Hamza MORCHANG TALES EP Wind Horse Records (WHR008)

Quality beats served up from the eastern connection . Hamza is rapidly becoming known for his deep lush emotive house beats that exhale beautiful synth lines and bubbly beats.. 

"The title of the EP and the opening track, "Morchang Tales," refers to the morchang, a small, mouthpiece instrument typical of the Indian desert region of Rajasthan, the home of many gypsy musicians. Performing this instrument and accompanying Hamza are the Rajasthani Percussionists. This rhythmic crew has been playing live over Hamza's DJ gigs throughout India to much acclaim and they hope to accompany him in upcoming worldwide tours. "Morchang Tales" is Hamza's first of many planned recordings with the Rajasthani Percussionists. The basis of the track is a synthetic drumbeat and a booming four-on-the-floor kick. From this foundation the Percussionists layer their rhythms and the didgeridoo-like tones of the morchang as Hamza builds pulsating synths and hypnotic melodies throughout. It's a winding, extended cut allowing many possibilities for the DJ and blissful, "lost in music" moments for the listener. "

Looking forward to supporting this all summer long  

Out Now 

Funky Transport - It All Starts Here / Set Me Up

Smoking release from Disport Records .. For their 6th installment we have one of Scotland top underground producer Iain Macpherson. Iain no stranger to the world of house has over the past 10 years seen him release tunes on 20:20 Vision, Classic, Brique Rouge, and Playhouse .
This EP has the beats deep and boy so well crafted .. each tune will slide nicely in to my deep house sets and will also be getting airplay in my radio sets. Quality deep house as ever from Disport Records.

‘It all starts here’ is the tougher of the two outings on DR006 and the use of Synth licks, spacious bass lines and vocal stabs create a groove which is sure to pick the dance floor up, turn it round and maybe even upside down. Relentless Tech House in parts and that is only a good thing."‘Set me up’ is more laid back with an elegant mix of live percussion, strings and bass weaving around traditional meticulous Funky Transport beats. This is deep, warm House Music Aberdeen style."

Out Now So Check These Folks Out @ The Good Web Stores 


October Charts - Stompy

Name:  Simon      
Label/Organisation:  DeepSouthAudio
Date:  Oct 2010


From My Point of View
Ginkgo Music


Joshua Heath
Nightlife Time
(Jackumentary Mix) - Kinjo


Karol VXII & MB Valence
House Me
Open Bar


Funk Mediterraneo
Silver Fall
Hub City


Ed Mazur feat Alexandra Lojek
Its All About
Giom/House On The Hill


Inland Knights & Da Sunlounge
World Go Round


Corduroy Mavericks
Sing to Swing
Frankie J's Be Fly Mix/Deepfunk


Jay West
Hot Tonite


Joshua Heath
Neighbour /Golden State


Buzz Compass
Our Streets

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