Michel Caron - Out of Order ONOFF Recordings ONOFF079

ONOFF Recordings are hitting us up with a very special release this week. Out 20th Oct Michel Caron shares his opening album "Out Of Order " 14 tracks of techno edged deepness.
   Out of Order
   Find Me
   Blue Cheese
   Freaky Bitch
   Kick At 11
   Pop Out
   Top Drum
   Whats Going On  & White Roses
 Higlights come from Blue Cheese & Find Me .. Both locking down the groove something i like.
ONOFF have been making waves recently with some heavy weight DJ supporting their work . Most notably Richie Hawtin . Richie tweets very efficently through his traktor scrobbler app to the world what he is currently playing making for an eye catching web feed for the labels .. Definatly something worth thinking about Media houns and DJ .. Personally i keep the twitter line rolling during my sets on the radio helping not only advise the labels and listners of what hot but drawing more of a discerning ear to your work. Check out @MHYH on Tuesday nights GMt for my weekly round up of music .

ONOFF Recording

Contact & Licensing
ONOFF Recording
Plaza Ermita 21, 2

Greenfish - Earlybirds Phasen, Yigit Atilla Remixes - UM Records

Seductive deep house beats are the game hear . UM Record's steps up for its 42nd release. This time Richie draws the heat out of Greenfish aka Mate Kovy who started making beats in 2008 after a seminal trip to WMC. So far he has managed to make a swirling crescendo of release around the scene.

Track Listing:

1: Earlybirds (Original Mix) - Smooth seductive sounds with a warm bassline amping its self along with a smoky vocal, helping to draw you in to the motion of the tune.

2. Earlybirds (Phasen Remix) - With slightly more bump under the bonnet Phasen keeps the heat on for me Superb late night rub down.

3. Late Night Caffee (Original Mix) - for this 2nd original Greenfish spices the beats up, keeping the same smooth underground vibes he entices in to yet another classy journey.

4. Earlybirds (Yigit Atilla Remix) - Rounding the ep of in style we have a well crafted balance between late night smoker and an early morning seminal deep house vibe. Infectiously grabbing you with it's bassline i have to say this is my fav off the EP.
UM Records Press Words
"Máté Kövy aka Greenfish joins the UM roster following releases on Haute Musique, Ready Mix and Deep Dive to name just a few. His ‘Earlybirds’ EP features two stunning originals. Opening with the title tracks and its cool rhodes and jazzy tinges licking at the terrace moods and sun-soaked vibes whilst ‘Late Night Caffee’ whips up a stickier blend of cool with drifting sonic pulses and a killer bassline perfect for those late night / early morning moments when you just need the deepness to submerge you. Remixes come from Phasen (5 and Dime, City Life) taking us on a strutting trip with more of a throb to the sound. And finally, Yigit Atilla returns to UM with his remix of ‘Earlybirds’, lifting the tempo a touch and creating a track that searches you out then lifts you up for the night ahead."
Staying true to what he likes and only pushing the up most levels of quality in the deep house scene Richie head of UM Records keeps us on the right track . Lets have a look at some of the current release that you can grab at any good web music store .

Mountal - Gold Digger EP - Lost My Dog - LMD086

Nice to have duo Mountal back in the pound. This time teaming up with legendary Mr V . 3 Originals and 2 remixes makes this a very tasty deal. Starting with the 3 originals Mountal keep things tight deep and sweet, Gold Digger has lush pads tightly woven in to a slick temptious set of crisp mids. A swirly vocal is used to great effect. This sound justy buzzes Lost My Dog. Original 2 Nothing To Do has jumping bumping beats tie you up as a dancer holding you close to the floor . Very infectious what with that succulent vocal and descending bassline. Solid tune that's getting hammered by me currently. The last original Masterkill takes things in to the late night region. With an almost Techno vibe we know this will shake those big rigs, heavy bottom end sweeps laying on top of a sultry selection of mids and high hats, lovely. now on to the remixes.  

Mr V needs no introduction dropping his signature bumping style to both his mixes. Delivering 2 versions of the title track Gold Digger. Again Lost my dog dont drop the ball at any stage . My advice is grab this Monday and start slamming it on the floor . Well and truly road tested by me over the last few weeks i can assure you its Hot .

Kahua Press Words 
"Mountal, from the Germany city of Köln (Cologne), return with their second EP for Lost My Dog.  The Gold Digger EP follows up their debut release Last Cigarette from March and features another three tracks of their deep, infectious and ever-so- slightly trippy take on House music.  Where Giom remixed Last Cigarette, Gold Digger gets its own high profile remixer in the form of New York’s Mr. V who is also making his second outing on the UK label.  
Mr. V’s last appearance on Lost My Dog, a remix of Roland Nights’ track ‘Til The Morning’ was released at the end of May 2013 and spent the following six weeks dominating the top spot in the Traxsource sales chart.  As one of NYC’s finest House exports and co-owner of SOLE Channel Music with Alix Alvarez, Mr. V is also a regular collaborator with fellow New York House legend Louie Vega and has released records on the Masters At Work label, Vega, Defected, Champion, Dessous and Transport amongst countless others. His most famous tracks are arguably "Da Bump" and "Put Your Drink Down", both included on the album ‘Welcome Home’"
Mountal, from the Germany city of Köln (Cologne), return with their second EP for Lost My Dog.  The Gold Digger EP follows up their debut release Last Cigarette from March and features another three tracks of their deep, infectious and ever-so-slightly trippy take on House music.  Where Giom remixed Last Cigarette, Gold Digger gets its own high profile remixer in the form of New York’s Mr. V who is also making his second outing on the UK label. - See more at: http://kahuamusicpromotions.com/campaign/show/998/2acf219a-315d-11e2-932f-003048d411eb#sthash.mo4Im3W7.dpuf"

The Tracks 1: Gold Digger 2: Gold Digger (Mr. V SOLE Channel Mix) 3: Gold Digger (Mr. V 2am Mix) 4: Nothig To Undo 5: Masterkill
Links Mountal SoundCloudhttps://soundcloud.com/mountal  
Lost My Dog Websitehttp://www.lostmydog.net/  
Lost My Dog SoundCloudhttps://soundcloud.com/lost-my-dog

Some extra news from the pound .....

Also looking at the 2nd installment of the

10x10 | 2006 compilation 

Great to have some of the diamond highlights from some of the most seminal and important years of house music coming back to the floor .. Nicely remastered as well... 
Check the you tube link 

Kahua Press Words
"10 years is a long time in dance music. DJs, artists, labels come and go, entire genres and movements can be created, enjoyed and then discarded in less time. So the 10 years that Lost My Dog – a record label formed in Loughborough in early 2005 – have been successfully releasing top quality, uncompromising house music are definitely a cause for celebration. To mark their tenth year in the business, LMD are releasing a celebratory series called 10x10 that will get any decent DJ’s mouth watering. Each release will draw from the label’s substantial back catalogue and will focus on a single year. This second installment features music from 2006."

10x10 | 2006
Jay Tripwire - Everytime
YSE - Not Wot You Got
Pete Dafeet - Love Undercover (Demarkus Lewis Remix)
Harold Heath - Streets Keep Rocking (Harold's Rocking Mix)
Jay West - Music Drives Her Wild
Jake Childs - Satisfy (Lil Mark Mix)
Subterfuge & Tony Thomas - Gettin Serious (Tommy Largo Remix)
Jay Tripwire - Everytime (Pete Dafeet Dub)
Jay West - Turnin Around (Greenskeepers 'Mothers Day' Mix)
Pete Dafeet - Love Undercover (Rhythm Plate Remix)

What they said back in 2006...
iDJ: Recommended - “deliciously old skool East Midlands deep house” - YSE
DJ Mag: Moneyshot - “This label has been one of the most inspiring over the year for me so far”
DJ Mag: Sureplayer - “With ’Everytime’ JT gets it just about perfect” - Jay Tripwire
iDJ Mag: “This slippery slice of electronic deepness rolls with a classic grace that young producers like Pete really shouldn't have” - Pete Dafeet

Nathan Coles: Thanks a million for sending me this Harold Heath release, it's bloody marvelous!!! Been loving the label from the off! Keep up the very good work!
Jesse Rose: Nice one, liking the original of Satisfy and the Lil Mark remix!
Jay Tripwire: Been playing YSE non-stop since I got it. Lots of people asking me what it is, coulda been a 1 sider its sooo good!
Jimpster: Very good stuff once again. Fave for me is the original of ‘Not Wot You Got’.
Groove Armada: Another strong Tripwire & LMD release.
Phil Weeks: Really liking this Jay West EP
Mark Farina: Been playing both mixes of Satisfy, both rock
Paolo Mojo: Fabulous release. Full support on all tracks, big Harold Heath fan.
James Talk: Love the Demarkus Lewis and Rhythm Plate remixes, this is probably the best LMD release yet!?!!!"

VA - Autum Air Volume 3 - Deep Wit Recordings

DeepWit Recordings are up for another excellent Autumn compilation. Delving deep in to the world of lush emotive deep house. The label has a forward thinking reproach to the scene making sure they understand and represent some of the finest sounds from around the globe. 5 tracks are included in this release . Amir - Perfect World works on a smooth groove building through tight chunky beats and heavy warm bass line, Great late night sounds. The track above comes in as my fav on the ep
Johannes - I Wanna Move makes me shuffle and wiggle like there's no tomorrow. the 3 other tracks come from La Rose - Deep Overdose, Lashing us with deep swaths of mids drawing you close to the warm bubbly bass line. Deep is the game and this tune selectively captures your mind ... very nice also has that classic never aging sound .. One of the beauties of house . 4th out of 5 comes from
Agus Monteverde - Sap - Catchy vocals from the start let you associate to the growing groove, defintly aimed at a pulsating 3AM dance floor we have ourselves an excellent track . Last but by no means least we have what can only be described as a Ibizan chill out tune from Kiano & Below Bankok - Lounging - As the name describes you are take on an etheral sunny journy drifting along on the tails of a heady summer. As ever this cements the broad and never fail choice the label pull together. 
DeepWit Press Words
"This is our fourth instalment of the Autumn VA series, which we have used to introducing to the label many of what are now household names in the Deep House genre such as David Oniani, Distortion Inc., Loz Goddard, Dave Marian, D.M.P and Portofino Sunrise to name a few. This year is no different, with us introducing several new names to the DeepWit family. Johannes, Amir, La Rose, and Agus Monteverde are all producers that will no doubt start making quite a bit of quality noise for us to enjoy over the next years. Unlike past Autumn VA's we have decided to focus on slightly more dance floor sound, bearing away from our typical mellow Autumn vibes. Enjoy these upbeat and deep grooves all throughout the season for your nights at the club and for your evenings entertaining at home."

  DWR035-Cadatta - The Machine w/ Soul Minority & Alvaro Hylander Remixes‏ 

 Looks like we have an absolute slammer next from the team. This features a hummer of an original that will entice you straight to the floor , Proper house music ! Remixes are super hot on this one as well with label head Alvaro Hylander tweaking the vibe taking things deep making it a perfect late night groover that wont let you go or down .. Quality if that wasn't enough Soul Minority who may i add needs no introduction slides us the 3rd deep treat making this ep 3 for 3 on playability .. each track locking down doing it's job . Not to be missed 
DeepWit Press Words
"This is a release we couldn't be more excited or happier to release here on DeepWit. We are bringing back one of our favourite producers and the gentleman that started it all with our first release, Cadatta. He offers up an overwhelmingly deep, powerful and groove filled original entitled "The Machine". We have brought on board one of Cadatta's favourite producers, a man who needs no introduction, Soul Minority. He has done his signature Deep House for the Club feel and added a touch of female vocals to offer up a new flair on his mix. The last remix on the release comes from label boss Alvaro Hylander, who offers up a very deep dubbed and minimal sensual groove to the whole affair. With three of the Deepest tracks we have ever had the privilege to release here on DeepWit, this is a release we are sure will leave a lasting impression.
The Machine will easily find its stride on any dance floor that aims to satisfy the Deep House lovers with its deep sounds and elegant beats."
I might like to suggest you make your way over to the active Bandcamp page and suppoort the label direct. http://deepwitrecordings.bandcamp.com/

Da Lukas - I am - Molto - Sound Division SD0281

Stunning new underground track released this week coming from Italian powerhouse                     Molto Recordings . As a label they keep the heat coming for the dance floors around the world . This release sees Da Lukas drop a tight and techy monster that will lay down sweet succulent beats for DJ . With a slinky vocal drawing you deeper in the fabric of the track you experience mind bending sounds, tight resonate breaks that grab you , hold you tight and slams that bass beat back at your feet. With the Synthstrumental we have a slightly tougher take. Focusing more on that funky electrified bassline. Certainly a very strong release that will be getting serious heat around the globe.
Thanks Sound Division for the music .. Also Thanks to SMP3 Inflyte deliery service ...

Sound Division

Sound Division is the oldest label of Molto Recordings Group: it keeps rocking dancefloors with house music, kicking with the best artists around! Sound Division features some of the best djs and producers such as Pink Fluid, Fuzzy Hair, Mason, TV Rock, Terence Trent D’Arby, Macy Gray, ATFC, Stefano Amalfi, Loleatta Holloway, Syke’n'Sugarstarr, Josè Nunez, Bobby Blanco, Erick Morillo, Cerrone, Harry Choo Choo Romero, Flickman, Robbie Rivera, Alesso, Andrea Love, Tom Novy, Gary Caos, Phunk Electric, Chocolate Puma, Room 5 and one of the strongest hit ever, “Shined On Me” by Praise Cats!

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