Jonny Cade & Cera Alba - Don't Want Your Love - Lost My Dog - LMD077

2 very deep garage sounds that are hiding in that nu skool sounds that are humming on the London underground. Lost My Dog label head Pete Da Feet has been kicking around the capital working hard finding new talent. Guess what he's done it again. Giving the oppturnity to Jonny Cade & Cera Alba . Togeather they funk the junk in that LMD way. Working the floor nicely in one of my recent DJ sets i can vouch for vibez of the both originals. Pete adds a nice late night rub down of the title track. Adding acid tinges and a smooth sliding synth line. Impressive and a nice way to see out 2013.
Lost My Dog Press Words
"Two of the UK’s most promising producers, Jonny Cade and Cera Alba, team up in the studio for a debut collaboration.  Between them the pair have built up an impressive discography over the past couple of years, including outings for 2020 Vision, Moodmusic, Left’d, Hot Creations, Alive and Kolour Recordings (a collab between Jonny Cade and Huxley).  On 9th December they add UK label Lost My Dog to the list.

The EP begins with the title track Don’t Want Your Love; a peak-time, driving, bass-heavy cut with Detroit-influenced synths, skittering percussion and infectious vocal loop.   Detroit Railroad takes a journey to fellow pioneering city Chicago to borrow the chugging, jacking beats that underpin gritty synth stabs and a throbbing sub bass, for a heads-down tracky workout.   Pete Dafeet’s remix of Don’t Want Your Love moves things into deeper territory with a slower pace, meandering moody pads and a low slung acid line.   The overall result is an EP that references the roots of House and Techno music, while  combining  modern  production  tools  and  current  dancefloors  to  great effect."

Rounding up the year in true #Lost My Dog fashion they offer again a selection of their cream in a best of .. Hitting the stores soon and previewed in the latest dogcast ... grab a listen
All 15 tracks in this mix are available to buy on the digital album 'That Was 2013: Lost My Dog Records' released on 16th December 2013 at all download stores.
Track List
1. What If - Deapsea
2. Stefano Esposito - Frog Pond (Moodtrap Remix)
3. YSE feat. Frank H. Carter III - Someone Like You (Rhythm Plate Remix)
4. Dale Howard - Make It Count
5. James Dexter - True
6. Moet & Benson and Velvet Tux - When I Come Thru
7. Sek - Fergasm
8. Jonny Cade & Cera Alba - Don't Want Your Love
9. Pete Dafeet - Falling Off (James Dexter Remix)
10. Bernard Badie feat Dajae - Truth Hurts (Pete Dafeet Unreleased Vocal Mix)
11. Roland Nights - In The Morning (Mr. V Main Mix)
12. Harry Wolfman - Booty Call (Ben Pearce Remix)
13. Sek - These Dayz
14. Rhythm Plate - Satellite (Jacob London Remix)
15. Rhythm Plate feat. Frank H. Carter III - Not Like That (Hot Toddy Remix)

Society 3.0 Recordings Dec review .. 2013

Society 3.0 Recordings are a very busy collection of artists at present with releases stacking up at the end of the year and well worth a closer look . We have 4 to dive in to .. First Those 2 chaps from the UK that form Transparent Sound drop a slick nu skool house sound that firmly got its feet rooted in the main artery of dance sounds . 

 Arquette drops a fine remix on the original that will shape up any switched on dancefloor. Swaying synth lines laid down with a nice electrified bass. This release touched at the end of Nov.

We have a very tight 4 tracker hear from Bourne. The beats range from swishing deep lushness that deploys dreamy breaks to tempt you deeper in to his sound. My fav of the sounds goes to the tune called Sweetest Sin with it's warm bassline and enticing vocal that elevates the dynamics of the beats. Very classy and one for the deep heads.

The beats really take you deep when Corso hits you with  a percussive tribal edge.. this label & it's sister label Young Society are fill the DJ bags this festive season with a whole load of goodness.  2 remixes on this certainly add heat with the first a stonking rolling deep house jam lead daintily buy a tempestuous horn that almost sounds like a vocal twisted in my head at 3am from Andy Bach. The other from label friend Alexander B is a slightly more funk led sound with ampl enough bass squelch and percussive action to hold the floor solidly.
You'll be wanting to head off hear 

Rounding a very successful year of we have this release
Conny Wolf has horns tight percussion and a warm joyful spirit ready to get the crowd a rocking this New Year .. with excellent remixes coming from Alexader B who keeps tight to the original and adds layers and layers of 6am deepness. Sina Kaya a very in demand player spins us a beautiful tune

Would like to add the December addition to the Young Society roster as well so were up to date and all good things 2013 from this powerhouse. 

EZE054: Jon Cataldo - Genius EP - 808 Recordings

Italian label 808 Recordings present the freshest work from Techno villan Jon Cataldo. Minimal groove based doof at it's best . My fav goes to the insane lyric lines that come with Genius. Making for a great early morning tune..

1.Jon Cataldo - Genius (Original Mix)
2.Jon Cataldo - Dreamers (Original Mix)
3.Jon Cataldo - American (Original Mix)

808 Recordings -

Harold Heath, Afrobeat & 6Souther - The First Hundred - Seta Label 100th

Slovakian label Seta are reaching the 100th release and boy has it been fun riding their deep house wave. During the last 2 years deepsouthaudio has seen, herd and played many of the great sounds Seta Label have chosen for their release schedule. Hear some scene heavy weights out their best sounds forward to support and propel Seta further. Harold Heath slides a rolling deep bubbly bassline lead affair also my favorite as well..
Out Now and well worth a listen


Pakistani producer Hassan Malik aka Vivid. Hold Me consists of 4 fresh deep house tracks. In addition to awesome Hassan's Original Dub Mix, there are fantastic remixes by Eric Timpleton, Andrew Chorniy and Robert Roman too. So Hold Me makes for a sweet addition to the collection of deep sophisticated release this label are responsible for.
The original has a mystical vocal and an electfifed synth line. The remixes cover a wide range of deep emotions. All working wonderfully and honoring the original.

Nerd - Everywhere - Bounce House Recordings BHEP046

Looking close to home for fresh talent is always a bonus . Hear we have Bounce House Recordings 46th release where they team up with NERD. 2 canny dutch lads that like thee house music chunky like a monkey have downed 3 originals. Everywhere has a classic hook that will work on any dancefloor .. Getting the sounds of yesteryear flowing through the brain. Full Throttle has both a full vocal and a dub . The back bone of the tune is an almost future garage sound wrapped tightly to a sweet crisp percussion line. Harmonious keys are gently soaked on top on the beats. Deep house heads get a nodding.. Finally we have Jazz In Catstown a slinky smokey affair that leans towards the jazzy end of house. Spoken word carries you off in the direction of the bass riff that is seriously chunky. Bounce House have again smashed us with a sweet underground slab of deep funky house.
Label: Bounce House Recordings
EP: Everywhere
Artist: NERD
Catalog: BHEP46
Release Date: 25 November 2013

Bounce House Recordings

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Bounce House Recordings
Lutmastraat 41-HS
1072 JN Amsterdam
The Netherlands
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