DWR025R - Tony S - Enough "Remixed"‏

Sweet to welcome Deepwit Recordings along to the review section. Thanks for connecting :-) The Spanish label has been bubbly along with many great deep house masterpieces. For some time a not to be missed addition to your dj sets. Getting lots of support from all the right industry players out there. Keeping things all twisted up we first get to view and showcase a sweet remix package.Tony S tune Enough gets 3 mixes and an edit making for a sublime journey back and forth around the original sounds and emotions captured in the original from September this year.
Key Of Tune remix offers a fresh summery jazzy approach . Chugging off in to the sunset. D.M.P slides us another subtle bass lead jam that peaks with the tight percussion and dynamic bass scoops. Rounding the Ep we have The Nuff Said Remix who delivers my fav mix . Bubbly and charming sounds that will hum on the big rigs. Looking forward to more great music from this switched on label ..

Have a look at the current schedule of release through t the labels soundcloud page
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