Kapibara - Arapaima EP' - Labyrinth Music

Coming from the exciting new frontier in dance music the Amazon ... well South America we have 2 delectable cuts from budding producers. The label Labyrinth Music have very talented producer Kapibara spread the word with each track 'Arapaima' has deep layers of anticipation, working there way up in to a frenzy that will shake the floor. Progressive in nature that vibe swims along nicely.
Arowana has more juice in its bass skipping along with a warmer heart, playfully drawing you in to its twisting melodies.. Nicely defined beats sweet drums . Making this my player of the 2 tunes ..
Well worth checking out
"The dark waters from the mighty Amazon contains one of the largest freshwater fish in the world, the 'Arapaima Gigas'. It lurks in the shadows just below the surface of the murky water hunting for prey. Unfortunately, the 3 meter long 'Arapaima' is currently endangered because of overfishing. The 'Arowana' is the smaller brother of the Arapaima. Natives call it water monkey, because it jumps out of the water catching prey on overhanging branches.
The contrast of their silent, slow behavior and the quick, powerful, unique hunting technique can be heard in the 'Arapaima EP'. The brutal appearance and mysterious world of these fish have been the inspiration for the first EP by Kapibara at Labyrinth Music."