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Up next on Ireland's Vision Collective Recordings their is Mike Vern. Looking a little deeper at the pair of these we see they spawn from the same city Cork . Which may i add is the base for              deephouse-radio.com    
Where i have a residency that airs multiple times a week . Out through the inter net as well as one of Cork's FM channels that bubbles with many many listeners delivering a host of shows that pretty much nail the house music genre. 

This EP being the label's 24th release of soulful deep house has just that. 2 tracks that showcase and highlight the talents that constantly keep cropping up from this lovely part of the world.
Fonder has a slick almost disco hum to its grind . Sporting a tight vocal that joyfully plays with you getting you in the mood for a good dance. Sorta NYC the garage sound yet subtle enough to work it a fresh underground mix. Smooth Edges is an all together different kettle of fish, Chunked out kicks and a smooth large music slid'y bassline this has a very classic feel to it. Later on in the tune we pick up some welcomed key action enlivening the 2nd half fattening it making it for a great tune ..

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