Nerd - Everywhere - Bounce House Recordings BHEP046

Looking close to home for fresh talent is always a bonus . Hear we have Bounce House Recordings 46th release where they team up with NERD. 2 canny dutch lads that like thee house music chunky like a monkey have downed 3 originals. Everywhere has a classic hook that will work on any dancefloor .. Getting the sounds of yesteryear flowing through the brain. Full Throttle has both a full vocal and a dub . The back bone of the tune is an almost future garage sound wrapped tightly to a sweet crisp percussion line. Harmonious keys are gently soaked on top on the beats. Deep house heads get a nodding.. Finally we have Jazz In Catstown a slinky smokey affair that leans towards the jazzy end of house. Spoken word carries you off in the direction of the bass riff that is seriously chunky. Bounce House have again smashed us with a sweet underground slab of deep funky house.
Label: Bounce House Recordings
EP: Everywhere
Artist: NERD
Catalog: BHEP46
Release Date: 25 November 2013

Bounce House Recordings

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Bounce House Recordings
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