No Rabbitz - This is Grexit EP - Out Of Home! Go To House! Records

Deep House label Out Of Home! Go To House! Records dive deep in to the thick of things hear with a sweet EP. No Rabbitz - This Is Grexit as a lead track has a driving groove, pushing you along weaving its body tight to the flute solo. Defiantly a great seed of a song. For me it's all down to the remixes hear .. we sure are treated ... Manchesters Robot Needs Oil needs no introduction for the serious house heads. Hear his mix is given some beefed up bass whomps with more focus being laid down on the percussion and the trbally drive . Great for the outdoor rigs will get the show moving. For the 2nd remix Vynal K shares his passion for the flute keeping it as a major force behind his remix . Also making sure the tune locks down that sumptuous groove. During the journey the atmosphere is intensified by the whirling mids..
Rounding the ep off we have quality producers in there own rights Junior Pappa & Antonio deliver more tribalistic beats , This session working more with the percussion making for a delightful riddim. Sorta somewhere between minimal tech and a ethno upbeat.. With this being the labels 6th release im sure it means we a have lots of great releases coming

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