Ray Seiler Feat. Chris Drew - Modes - Nylon Trax NT052

Excellent way to offer an uplifting vibe to my morning. Modes - A sublime smooth mellow deep house jaunt in its original form with a sweet gentle piano leading the way. Flipped and stripped as it's provided in a dub form . Rounding the ep out label head honcho James Nylon tweaks the undertone of the tune taking it off in an Afro tech direction. With just enough tribal vibes James mix elevates the tune in to a lovely morning beat for any dancefloor or festival.
Expect to hear this featured over in the weekly radio session that broadcast through the world touching down in USA - UK - Ireland - New Zealand.  

Some words from Nylon Trax on the release
"Ray Seiler’s preeminent Nylon Trax release, “Modes” featuring Chris Drew frames the depth and talent of this emerging artist.
Ray an old school club kid has created a track that is both deep and trippy but still having theory involved in the chaos. The modal chord progressions assist in keeping “Modes” securely grounded thus arriving at the track title “Modes”"


Nylon Trax

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