Royce Ramirez & Tony Comfort Jones - Park Of Echos - Soul Supplement SLSP081

Soulsupplement Records comes a calling with it's 81st release . hear we dig deep in to the archive history of the west coast and it;s sound back to the days of the Wicked crew...  Royce & Tony both link back to those days and bring forward tehre original styles . Up to date and sounding thick, trippy and dubbed out to fuck the 2 tunes are tight. Parks of Echos - Hollow spooky and dubby, Just the vibe that locks the floor down tight at 6am.
Afro Puba - shakes the tribal dub tail feather with intricate beeps and clicks tieing the spacey yet lushes tunes towards you ..

Some words from Soulsupplement 
"Las Vegas based independent house label Soulsupplement Records was founded in 2006 by Bruno Browning and Curtis Bledsoe with the goal of creating a Las Vegas sound. In May 2006 Soulsupplement released their first 12" titled "Lessons" and quickly followed up in 2007 with their second 12" titled "Light". Sadly 2007 marked the end of vinyl releases from Soulsupplement, however the change in format made it possible for a more consistent release schedule as well as bonus remixes."
" Over the next couple of months we will no longer have an account so just keep up with us by way of Twitter or FB. Thanks - Bruno Browning. *"  

Hear is their current release SLSP080 by Vincent Kwok

Unfortunately due to the SC bubble we are seeing labels flee the situation thick and fast so. :-(

Soulsupplement Records

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Soulsupplement Records
8728 Pavia Dr.
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