Shir Khan is back with another impressive collection on his Exploited Label. Hear label mainstays and newcomers get to mix it up . Making for a very impressive array of beats. 4 tracks that have a DJ's set in sight will tie in very snugly to today's underground sound.
It hasn't been but a short while since Volume 6 was released and is still making chart appearances from top player DJ's. I expect these beats to roll on the success of that keeping Shir Khan label in the spotlight.
Producing and releasing prolifically is the current game of Exploited with them never dropping the standard and always expanding the vision the label shares with the world.

The four tracks received this Press right up 

1. About GIVE IT TO ME by PJU 
Whilst out clubbing one night in London PJU bumped into London DJ & club host Josh Caffe and Cedric of Azari & lll. Before long they all ended up at an after party. They talked to Josh about singing on this track they had been working on which was inspired by this classic Chicago house track called 'Donnie' by this obscure act 'The It'. 
Josh jumped on the idea. Said & done, whilst in PJU's west London studio recording Josh's exhilarating vocal, PJU played Josh the 'Donnie' track which had this haunting soulful vocal which they discovered was by a certain Mr Robert Owens. Josh flipped and said he's good friends with Mr Owens, let's get him on the track!! A month later Robert Owens was in the PJU studio. He delivered, on the spot, exactly what the track needed. The result is the track "Give It To Me" now featured as the first song on Exploited Records Secret Gold Compilation Vol 6. 

Handling softnesses with the delights until the delirious rhythms shocks, 
the reflection of a tainted essence of sincerity and devotion, Belgian Antilope finds inspiration in a changing reality, with the will to reveal one ounce, even infinite, of hope and unity. 

While exchanging remixfiles for his act Mia Dora for an upcoming Exploited Release by Human Life & Anabel Englund, Kevin (the man from Glasgow Underground) got in touch and sent through some of his original material. 'Everythings A Dream' got immediately signed by Shir Khan. 

Will Clarke just got back from a tour in Australia and this track always turned heads down with a large response from the punters: With the first drop being quite a four to the floor chugger to the break down having a more euphoric feel with the pitched vocals and organs. "


Seen as ADE2014 has just been we should also pass on the thanks from the label as they seemed to have a blast having a night where they rocked the floor . Giving something back from the Producers to the dancers...  

If that wasnt ebnough we have a look at what is ready to drop next week 

Metronomy - I'm Aquarius (Claptone Remix)

Sublime coordination crafted between the sumptuous vocals and the smooth growling beats of Claptone. Taking this vocal rub down all the way to Ibiza and back . The energy will uplift any dance floor. 

Press Words
"We had the honour to have one of our favourite acts remixed by Exploited mainstay Claptone. The Original Version of 'I'm Aquarius' can be found on Metronomy's recent album 'Love Letters' and is a cocktail of lo-fi synths and clipped, nocturnal rhythms. Now Claptone added some of his magic which brought us to this catchy result made to be played out in the clubs. With friendly permission from Because Music." 
Artist: Metronomy
Release: I'm Aquarius (Claptone Remix)
Label: Exploited
Releasedate: 24.10.14 (Beatport Only)

Light Year - Never Know 

One not to be missed as well that touched down earlier this month  .....
 Hailing from the sunny side of Sydney we have 2 tracks that again flaunt the quality that Shir Khan delivers to the scene... Grab this at beatport now.
Light Year has been honing his skills towards a full Exploited release later this year .... 
Smooth gliding basslines that will pick you up and make you drift along on it's light fandango. With an almost Disco vibe it crosses the boundaries of genre making just one solid track .. JXP makes a turn for the late night session with a more gritty and city styled old skool vibe .. I'm sure this version will get some heavy weight support ... Have a look who is already dropping this . 
Selected Feedback
Laurent Garnier - JXP is the one for me - great track.
Ben Westbeech / Breach - I love the JXP vibes!
Detroit Swindle - JXP is cool!
Huxley - JXP is the one!
Tensnake - Great stuff!
Jaymo/BBC Radio 1 - Never Know is cool.
AME: Thanks.
DJ Mag: JXP is brilliant.
Sasha - Summer vibes.
Jacques Renault - JXP 4 me.
Brett Johnson - In the pocket, moving limbs in their sockets! Def. feeling this.
Kiki - Both tracks are cool!
Till Von Sein - Never Know is dope! Vibes for days.
Peter Kruder - JXP is cool.
Rhadow - Never Know for me. Thank you!
Copy Paste Soul - Infectious Sample on Never Know…
Sinden - Never Know is a sweet record. Feeling JXP!
Anna Wall: Unbelievably beautiful release! Full support on both in sets and on radio.