Society 3.0 Recordings Dec review .. 2013

Society 3.0 Recordings are a very busy collection of artists at present with releases stacking up at the end of the year and well worth a closer look . We have 4 to dive in to .. First Those 2 chaps from the UK that form Transparent Sound drop a slick nu skool house sound that firmly got its feet rooted in the main artery of dance sounds . 

 Arquette drops a fine remix on the original that will shape up any switched on dancefloor. Swaying synth lines laid down with a nice electrified bass. This release touched at the end of Nov.

We have a very tight 4 tracker hear from Bourne. The beats range from swishing deep lushness that deploys dreamy breaks to tempt you deeper in to his sound. My fav of the sounds goes to the tune called Sweetest Sin with it's warm bassline and enticing vocal that elevates the dynamics of the beats. Very classy and one for the deep heads.

The beats really take you deep when Corso hits you with  a percussive tribal edge.. this label & it's sister label Young Society are fill the DJ bags this festive season with a whole load of goodness.  2 remixes on this certainly add heat with the first a stonking rolling deep house jam lead daintily buy a tempestuous horn that almost sounds like a vocal twisted in my head at 3am from Andy Bach. The other from label friend Alexander B is a slightly more funk led sound with ampl enough bass squelch and percussive action to hold the floor solidly.
You'll be wanting to head off hear 

Rounding a very successful year of we have this release
Conny Wolf has horns tight percussion and a warm joyful spirit ready to get the crowd a rocking this New Year .. with excellent remixes coming from Alexader B who keeps tight to the original and adds layers and layers of 6am deepness. Sina Kaya a very in demand player spins us a beautiful tune

Would like to add the December addition to the Young Society roster as well so were up to date and all good things 2013 from this powerhouse.