Stylerockets 100 V.A. - Stylerockets 100 Compilation Incl tracks by Agent, Dompe, Gunman, Kaldera and more

Stylerockets 100V.A. - Stylerockets 100 Compilation

Top label that's now reached it's 100th release. Never disappointing me as they have a good flare for Jacking funky through to deep and sublime cuts .. This release see the energy level staying high making it a sure fire floor filler .. Just think Acid Pauli or Nico Stojen and you have the basic idea .. 
As its 100 you know your in for a treat .. 
Favorite track Bodyjack[dub] - Mark Jackus

Promo words that were included ....
"Founded 2004 as an Imprint of the KIDDAZ.FM Musicgroup and now very glad to present release number 100. Time to look back to see what’s happened. That tiny but fine little label got great reputation over the years. Some actually named artists did their first steps on STYLEROCKETS. That proves the good nose of the men behind the label for the right music to the right moment. 

Good to have it: Let's rock the next hundred releases."
A good way to keep track of Stylerockets outputs