VA - Autum Air Volume 3 - Deep Wit Recordings

DeepWit Recordings are up for another excellent Autumn compilation. Delving deep in to the world of lush emotive deep house. The label has a forward thinking reproach to the scene making sure they understand and represent some of the finest sounds from around the globe. 5 tracks are included in this release . Amir - Perfect World works on a smooth groove building through tight chunky beats and heavy warm bass line, Great late night sounds. The track above comes in as my fav on the ep
Johannes - I Wanna Move makes me shuffle and wiggle like there's no tomorrow. the 3 other tracks come from La Rose - Deep Overdose, Lashing us with deep swaths of mids drawing you close to the warm bubbly bass line. Deep is the game and this tune selectively captures your mind ... very nice also has that classic never aging sound .. One of the beauties of house . 4th out of 5 comes from
Agus Monteverde - Sap - Catchy vocals from the start let you associate to the growing groove, defintly aimed at a pulsating 3AM dance floor we have ourselves an excellent track . Last but by no means least we have what can only be described as a Ibizan chill out tune from Kiano & Below Bankok - Lounging - As the name describes you are take on an etheral sunny journy drifting along on the tails of a heady summer. As ever this cements the broad and never fail choice the label pull together. 
DeepWit Press Words
"This is our fourth instalment of the Autumn VA series, which we have used to introducing to the label many of what are now household names in the Deep House genre such as David Oniani, Distortion Inc., Loz Goddard, Dave Marian, D.M.P and Portofino Sunrise to name a few. This year is no different, with us introducing several new names to the DeepWit family. Johannes, Amir, La Rose, and Agus Monteverde are all producers that will no doubt start making quite a bit of quality noise for us to enjoy over the next years. Unlike past Autumn VA's we have decided to focus on slightly more dance floor sound, bearing away from our typical mellow Autumn vibes. Enjoy these upbeat and deep grooves all throughout the season for your nights at the club and for your evenings entertaining at home."

  DWR035-Cadatta - The Machine w/ Soul Minority & Alvaro Hylander Remixes‏ 

 Looks like we have an absolute slammer next from the team. This features a hummer of an original that will entice you straight to the floor , Proper house music ! Remixes are super hot on this one as well with label head Alvaro Hylander tweaking the vibe taking things deep making it a perfect late night groover that wont let you go or down .. Quality if that wasn't enough Soul Minority who may i add needs no introduction slides us the 3rd deep treat making this ep 3 for 3 on playability .. each track locking down doing it's job . Not to be missed 
DeepWit Press Words
"This is a release we couldn't be more excited or happier to release here on DeepWit. We are bringing back one of our favourite producers and the gentleman that started it all with our first release, Cadatta. He offers up an overwhelmingly deep, powerful and groove filled original entitled "The Machine". We have brought on board one of Cadatta's favourite producers, a man who needs no introduction, Soul Minority. He has done his signature Deep House for the Club feel and added a touch of female vocals to offer up a new flair on his mix. The last remix on the release comes from label boss Alvaro Hylander, who offers up a very deep dubbed and minimal sensual groove to the whole affair. With three of the Deepest tracks we have ever had the privilege to release here on DeepWit, this is a release we are sure will leave a lasting impression.
The Machine will easily find its stride on any dance floor that aims to satisfy the Deep House lovers with its deep sounds and elegant beats."
I might like to suggest you make your way over to the active Bandcamp page and suppoort the label direct.