Manie Gang – Interview had the opportunity to interview Vinicius Tesfon, one of the promising Manie Gang. It is a collective of 4 Dj’s, from differents horizons, who produce a tasty Electro-Swing, or Retro Beat, as they call it. Let’s discover more about them.

How Manie Gang started?

Vinicius Tesfon: Manie Gang started as the dj crew resident of Manie Dansante a electroswing/vintage remix party that we started in Rio de Janeiro by the end of 2012


In your first EP, Retrobeat, released in 2014, we found swing beats but also Brazilian beats. What others blends do you like to do, or, would you like to do?

V.T.: We like to blend in our productions references from vintage music of different cultures and genres, bringing brazillian and other latin references to the electronic music. This is the way we figure how we can contribute to improve and spread more the electro swing/ vintage remix in the world, bringing to the “old” new sonorities and new flavours to became something unique.

You collaborated with Tecou, a French rapper. Are you thinking in others collaborations?

V.T.: For the next EP our plan it’s to collab with other local producers and musicians.

You’re about to release a new EP. What’s its concept?

V.T.: Our goal it is to improve and bring more brazillian vintage music to our tracks, keep in the bass/trap taste of our first EP but dialoguing more with the house vibes (4×4) of the “traditional” electro swing.

What do you think of the Brazilian electro-swing scene? And the Latin-american?

V.T.: We started this idea in Latin America in 2012, now we can see some few collectives starting to make electro swing parties in cities like São Paulo and Buenos Aires and we are really happy with this, our job it’s to keep raising the electro swing flag, to became easier to bring artists from other countries and became independent and solid as scene.


You’re 4, how do you work the tracks together? Each of you have a role when producing?

V.T.: The 4 members exchange references and ideas all the time, but mainly Bruno Queiroz and I guide the most of track production process.

Besides being electro-swing producers, you’re also the organizers of Manie Dansante. How did it started?

V.T.: Manie Dansante started with our desire to have a party in Rio the Janeiro which plays this genre that we love. We all four already worked together in the Rio’s night scene in other projects as producers, djs or photographers.


This year you’re celebrating the 3rd year of Manie Dansante. How do you see and feel it?

V.T.: We are impressed and really proud to celebrate a 3 year anniversary of a project that we started, without pretension, and everything we conquer in this period, An EP a couple of tracks, a European Tour, friends and the possibility to collab and exchange with people that inspired us a lot, like Mighty Mess and Greem (C2C), Grant Lazlo, Chris Tofu and other bunch of nice people of the electro swing world.


They just released there last track: Hashish


Check there SELECTA

Tesfon on souncloud
Manie Gang on facebook | soundcloud
Manie Dansante on facebook | website
I Hate Flash on facebook | website on facebook | soundcloud

2016 – top – Manie Gang #003

Tesfon from Manie Gang made a new SELECTA just for us: “I’ve selected 20 retrobeats tracks most of them of Brazilian producers which communicate with the bass and trap music and a little bit o house and techhouse vibes”.

Tesfon on souncloud
Manie Gang
 on facebook | soundcloud on facebook | soundcloud

Sepiatonic – Step Up

Step Up features Anthony Meade (trombone, vocals, production), eZel (vocals, production, bass), Karolina Lux (trumpet, vocals), Bevin Victoria (vocals), and Jon VanCura (tenor and baritone sax). The EP contains two covers: one an upbeat, vintage romp of Beyonce’s Partition, and the other a sexy, dance-worthy rendition of the traditional John The Revelator.

Of course there are also original songs on the album: the title track, Step Up, a mid-tempo ghetto-swing track with tight Andrews Sisters style vocals, and The Messenger, an instrumental groove with hard-hitting horn lines. The fifth song, Midnight in Hollywood, is a reinvention of a dark Tom Waits-like tune written by another of eZel’s bands, Uncle Nancy and the Family Jewels, based out of Eugene.

Sepiatonic – Step Up
Sepiatonic – Partition
Sepiatonic – The Messenger
Sepiatonic – Midnight in Hollywood
Sepiatonic – John the Revelator

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