Manie Gang – Hashish

Original: Boom Pam song mixed by Radio Trip

Manie Gang on facebook | soundcloud on facebook | soundcloud

Caar Lemar – Caar Lemar 1st album

Caar Lemar is a new fresh Electro Swing artist.

Caar Lemar – Swing It Jack
Caar Lemar – The Groove
Caar Lemar – I Declare (I Better Move)
Caar Lemar – Supersin
Caar Lemar – Lost Wanderer
Caar Lemar – Dusty Didoo
Caar Lemar – Meep Meep (Mix 1)
Caar Lemar – Electrochoir
Caar Lemar – Dancing Gellert
Caar Lemar – I the I
Caar Lemar – Walk the Walk
Caar Lemar – The Groove (Extended)

Le Bowski – Vintage Remix Sessions #4

Welcome to the retro-future with Speakeasy Oslo’s Vintage Remix #4 from Le Bowski.
Kamil Bowski aka Bowski or Le Bowski is a man of many records. Please feel free to check out one of his side projects which is a latin/afrobeat podcast called
Boogaloo Con Bowski

Turn your record player on!

It’s time to get snazzed up again and get down to the sounds of Oslo´s ElectroSwing, with the forth of a series of shows, every month, from us to you here on mixcloud.

We hope you dig these eclectic swing sounds as much as we do, there’s plenty more for your dancing feet.

Speakeasy Electroswing Oslo Crew is Spats Pinguino, Dr. Roman, Le Bowski, Señor Lost

Artwork by: Khalil

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