DJ Blue Funk – Swingin’ To New Heights

DJ Blue Funk – Swingin’ To New Heights, St. Paul – United States electro swing, ghetto swing, swing hop.

Hi, I’m a budding DJ based out of the cozy metropolitan city of St. Paul. Even before I started spinning electro-swing I was very involved in my town’s swing-dance scene and I am an avid lindy-hopper. I was introduced to electro-swing through a swing dancer friend and I thought it would be perfect to add to my sets. My other musical interests involve soul, funk, jazz, hip-hop, disco, reggae, rock and house. I always try to throw in some creative mixes, samples, or unusual tracks to keep things interesting! One of my favorite tunes in this realm is “Swing Set” by Jurassic 5, which starts and ends this mix. I upload regularly to mixcloud, soundcloud, and Feel free to contact me. Peace, love, and music. ~DJ Blue Funk

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Jive Me – On Stage

After their remix of the famous “ Freedom “ by Pharrell Williams, wich reached 100k plays,
Jive Me presents you, their new track “ ON STAGE “ !

A track which reflects the universe of Jive Me, colourful and very rhythmical. In this title,
we feel the vintage identity of the quartet, mixing swing guitars, a warm voice and charming piano.
Jive Me already impressed us with their great remixes. Now they’re producing their own electroswing and we must say we love it !! Well done guys! No doubt this is going to be the new french electro swing phenomena for the years to come…

11 Acorn Lane – Ladies Night

An upbeat, fun and highly infectious offering of Electro Swing tracks by 11 Acorn Lane. The EP includes their version of the Kool And The Gang song “Ladies Night” and a catchy remix of it.

11 Acorn Lane – Ladies Night
11 Acorn Lane – Ladies Night (Electro Swing Remix)
11 Acorn Lane – Sugar And Cream (Extra Sugar Mix)
11 Acorn Lane – Perfect (Electro Swing Remix)
11 Acorn Lane – Lucky Day (Electro Swing Remix)

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