BMVT – A Tribute to Electro Swing

BMVT – A Tribute to Electro Swing, Hamburg – Germany electro swing, electro swing, swing house.

BMVT was founded by two DJs and a saxophonist in 2013. The call their mixture of Electro Swing and Tech House simply „Tech Swing“.

Without having practiced at all they had their first live gig in a bar at Hamburg’s Reeperbahn. The barkeeper was amazed, the audience dancing and the musicians exhausted and satisfied after a 7 hours nonstop set.

After some more gigs in that bar BMVT played their first sets in clubs and started producing own tracks and remixes. Since then BMVT have featured at almost any Electro Swing party in Germany and hold a residency at the Electro Swing Crew Hamburg.

Despite greatly enjoying music production and studio time, live performances is what they love and do best.

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C@ In The H@ – The Vintage Hip Hop Sessions

This kind of mixtapes proves Swing Hop has a wide range of colors. With some great mixing skills and great melodic cuts, C@ In The H@ takes us on a great musical journey. You can hear some RA Rugged man with Make you Famous, I also heard a Swing Hop remix of Louis Armstrong “Mack the knife” by C2C and if I’m right some Wu Tang, Jurassic Five, Roots Manuva and A Tribe Called Quest. Back to the roots! There are many other great tracks in it. A great selection!!! Hope we can get a track-list soon…

What he says about his own mix :

A mix of Hip Hop tunes which sample vintage music. A selection of classics for the Hip Hop heads and classics for the Swing Crowd. Did this mix in like April just never got round to uploading it, haaaaa. Starts off SFW & ends up being Well Fookin Safe for Work!

Enjoy brothers & sisters, & as always please give a like, comment & share if you feeling the vibe.

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2015 – top – Cirque de la Nuit #002

hello, here is our second selection, this time we asked Cirque de la Nuit from Austria for a top track playlist, enjoy!

Cirque de la Nuit an interactive event concept that not only transports patrons back to the surreal world 1920s circus, but also invites them to take part in the action.
A mindblowing concoction of visuals and décor, together with live performance elements such as fire jugglers, acrobats, flair bartenders and dancers turn the concept into a multimedia experience. Over the past few years Cirque de la Nuit has provided the stage to a mouthwatering selection of musical talent from the local and international electroswing and vintage beats scene. These include live acts such as Alice Francis, Erwin & Edwin, Jenova Collective, Eugene the Cat, Swingrowers, CeeRoo, Jamie Berry, and Dunkelbunt, as well as DJs such as Bart & Baker, Typoboy, InControl, DonJohnston,and Dr. Zicotron. DJ sets are often accompanied by live saxophone or trumpet, sending the audience into a wild frenzy.
The musical core is composed of five resident DJs, namely Troy Savoy, Mr. Harvey Miller, Schinowatz Bobofkof, Mr. Lee Roy and Mr. Pete Parell. These gentlemen have set themselves the goal of continuously presenting the audience with new musical experience. They constantly push musical boundaries towards cutting edge styles while also drawing inspiration from hidden gems unearthed from the goldmine of musical history. Their audio palette fuses elements from blues, swing, ragtime, twist, rock n roll and balkan with electro, glitchhop, drum & bass, house, breakbeat and techno – an eclectic mix guaranteed to whip up a euphoric atmosphere.
Cirque de la Nuit also engages in collaborations with other major event organisers in order to provide a wider musical range to dance music fanatics. One such collaboration saw Goulash Disko performing in Salzburg with outstanding success!
click here for more info on Cirque de la nuit facebook

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