[Playlist] Justin Jay’s Musical Autobiography

playlist-justin jayplaylist-justin jay

Following the success of his debut album ‘Fantastic Voyage’, Justin Jay radiated triumph after receiving critical support, releasing on top record labels like Dirtybird, Emerald City, and Freerange while completing multiple international DJ tours.

Unfortunately, from there anxiety and stress caused him to pull his tour dates, retreat into his own mind, and move back into his parents house to regroup. Following a period of introspection and collection, Justin’s feelings spilled out onto the page and a new body of work started to appear.

His new album “Home” embodies an existential quest in Justin’s life as an artist, singer and songwriter. On it, Justin emerges to embark on a musical odyssey as a more fully realized artist, more motivated and energized than ever. With the album NOW AVAILABLE, Justin Jay also provided us with 10 of tracks seminal in his musical development.

Over s00n – Bon Iver

Bon Iver’s most recent album 22, a million was hugely inspiring for me. The way it combined beautiful songwriting with crazy sound design. There were so many songs that really pulled at my heartstrings and so many moments that made me wonder, “how’d he make that sound!?” During some of the more challenging times over the last 12 months, Over s00n was an anthem of mine. Also the vocal production is insane…

Something About Us – Daft Punk

One of my favorite Daft Punk songs. This song was hugely inspiring for vocal tone. So dope hearing Thomas & Guy flex their singer/songwriter muscles on this song. Pretty legendary.

Before I Move Off – Mount kimbie

I’ve seen Mount Kimbie live twice in the past year, they are so gooood. Before I Move Off is a classic. Every sound in the song is amazingly well executed, fresh and compelling. Love the blend of catchy acoustic guitar and crazy clanky glitchy textures.

So Good At Being In Trouble – Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Such an amazing song. Loved the lofi stripped down drums, tone of the vocals. I love the way the key modulates between the verses and the choruses. Ruban Nielsen is a genius.

Solitude is Bliss – Tame Impala

When I really dug into the first Tame Impala album, Innerspeaker, it blew my mind. The guitar production has become so inspiring for me. Ignorance Is Bliss was the song that really made me listen to the album in full but I’m pretty obsessed with the album as a whole.

U – DJ Seinfeld

Amazing drums and chords. Such a jam.

Huddle Formation – The Go! Team

I was obsessed with this song back in 7th grade. Makes me feel nostalgic drawing influence from this.

Dark Fantasy – Kanye West

I never gave this album a chance until about a year ago, right as I was really starting Home. Kanye really pushed the envelope with the vocal production at the time. The choral intro is one of my favorite moments.

One Mo Gin – D’Angelo

My friend, Zach Ostroff, played a cover of One Mo Gin singing and playing bass at a house party. It blew me away. Zach ended up singing background vocals on my song “Apologies” and also laid down a crazy bass solo on “Home Pt. 2”. Zach got me hooked on D’Angelo, so inspiring.

Us Together – Supreems

This song is amazing! So much emotion even though it’s so simple… Lobster Theremin is such a dope label.

“Home” is NOW AVAILABLE on Fantastic Voyage BUY

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DHA Mix #320 By Marvin & Guy


Cowboys from Paradise, the Marvin & Guy project was born under the shadow of a palm tree while a flamingo listened to tropical music, way back in 2011.

Since then, the duo has released on Internationally known labels including Japan’s Let’s Get Lost, New York’s On The Prowl, as well as Endless Flight, Young Adults, Hivern Discs, and, of course, Life & Death. Boasting support from the likes of John Talabot, Pachanga Boys, Ivan Smagghe, Roman Flügel, DJ Tennis and Jennifer Cardini, Marvin & Guy’s raw, emotive and song-like electronic music is fast becoming a staple of heavyweight sets all over.

Here why with the 320th edition of our mix series, this time featuring Marvin & Guy!

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01. 16 Bit – Where Are You (Mix I)
02. Benedikt Frey – H For Hysteria w. Chris Cox
03. Blue Mondays – Mad At U (Marvin & Guy Breathe Mix)
04. SHMLSS – Train Ride To The Middle East (Marvin & Guy Remix) 05. Miki the Dolphin – Apple
06. Marvin & Guy & a.l.l.o. Unreleased demo version
07. Machinegewehr – The Cordyceps
08. Vermont – Skorbut (I:Cube Mix)
09. Trikk – Kunu
10. Younger Than Me – Warning Code
11. Romina Cohn – The Night
12. Ozone
13. ???

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Mahalo Returns With Liquid Feeling Release, ‘The Drip’


Hailing from the shores of Hawai’i, the LA based producer, Mahalo, is quickly solidifying himself as one of the true rising stars of the dance music scene.

Boasting some 3.2 million Spotify streams for his track ‘Current Mood,’ it was back in December 2016, where Mahalo won a DJ competition with Insomniac’s Discovery Project to play at their New Year’s Eve extravaganza ‘Countdown 2016’ festival. He also playing at Insomniac’s most well known events, with two slots at EDC Las Vegas, Nocturnal, Groove Cruise, and more, as well as an upcoming appearance at EDC Orlando.

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Last month, Mahalo brought his sound of “Liquid House” to Understated Recordings with the release of his latest, ‘The Drip’. As the LA underground label’s third release, Mahalo continues to earn him the respect of both the underground dance music scene as well as the more popular factions of the entertainment industry as he continues to blur the lines sonically.

“The Drip” is NOW AVAILABLE on Understated Recordings BUY

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