Premiere: Yarni & Javi – La Vida Es Bella Feat. AIAMA (Original Mix) [Exploited]


Exploited serves up a track that toes the line between moodiness and elation from ewly united pairing of Yarni & Javi aka Yarni & Javier Orduña.

‘La Vida Es Bella’ is a classy slice of deeper house music, drenched in subtle emotions and moods, it’s built around a haunting Spanish female vocal. The track pairs low-slung sub bass with punchy, gently percolating beats that thud along at an unhurried pace. The brooding feel of the track never overpowers, with the choice elements left to do their work with minimal fuss or theatrics.

Here, check out the exclusive premiere of ‘La Vida Es Bella’ and make sure to look out for the complete package including a dubby remix from Infinity Ink soon.

“La Vida Es Bella” is available 26 March on Exploited PRE ORDER

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DHA Mix #354 By Mary Yalex

dha-mix-354-mary yalexdha-mix-354-mary yalex

Leipzig’s Mary Yalex is a purveyor of ambient and experimental electronic music, with a it-should-never-be-too-straightforward, free-thinking approach to production.

In 2012 Mary self released her “Ginger Ep”, which was closely followed by more EPs, as well as 2 full albums. Since, she has remixed Magic Panda‘s “Tokyo” EP. Now, Mary is represented by KANN and has released on the V/A Avocado Dreams, while also playing her special LIVE set at its events.

Be sure to catch her “River” EP on 23 March (KANN), and anticipate the release with this 100% original production mix.

Soundcloud Artist Page


1. Mary Yalex – Uranus
2. Mary Yalex – Arp Love
3. Mary Yalex – Walking on the moon
4. Mary Yalex – Just a feeling
5. Mary Yalex – River
6. Mary Yalex – Glacier
7. Mary Yalex – Sun
8. Mary Yalex – Earth Blossom
9. Mary Yalex – Hyper Heart
10. Mary Yalex – Metallic Elements

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30 Years Of Clubbing History Opens In Helsinki


An inaugural retrospective of Finland’s historic club roots dubbed, “Helsinki Clubbing” has opened at the award winning Helsinki City Museum. Spanning over 200 sqm of dedicated space, the Finnish capital will welcome the exhibition for six months whilst documenting the halcyon early 80’s rave scene through to the more sophisticated 90’s and into the fully formed 00’s.

Set to attract over 100,000 guests during its residency, the exhibition celebrates Helsinki as one of Europe’s top club culture hotspots for local and international talent. Steeped in a rich electronic history, music and video has been curated across 11 large screens/listening posts whilst artwork, flyers and memorabilia have been lovingly donated by over 250 fans to chart the rise of local hero’s, party legends, dancers, promoters and international artists who shaped what the scene has culminated into today. With Helsinki being placed firmly on the electronic map by the likes of Lil Tony, Flow Festival, Jimi Tenor, Sähkö Recordings, Jori Hulkkonen and Orkidea amongst many many others, a rich foundation of legendary venues like Kerma, Lepakko, Kaiku etc. as well as the significant underground/illegal raves have provided the platform for a unique techno and house scene with a truly Finnish feel.

Check out “Helsinki Clubbing“, 30 years of smoke & strobe until September 23rd.

words by Rick Heffernan

Photo credit is Karo Holmberg

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