Kaleidoscope Is Back For Another Round With Deep House-Flavoured Line-Up


As dance music and the contemporary deep house sound progressed over the past couple of years, Utrecht too rose to the expectations of the clubbing scene in Holland. In the right terms and a set vision to exploit, Kaleidoscope brought a fine example to the city of Utrecht.

This edition of Kaleidoscope again finds its way onto the immense forecourt that is Central Studios. Located near the city center. In layman’s terms, the event sees two dissimilar rooms, prompting eminent artists both home-grown and international.

For their second round, the organizers promise a high allure of music intertwining perfectly with a shivering antagonistically light illustration, whereas the headliners will set the tone for the night that is about to unravel.

kaleidoscope 1

The “Ateliers” will portray an invigorating encyclopedia of sound. The headliners of Studio 1 represent the best-known artists in modern-day deep house, with Robin Schulz is set to be at its forefront. With little over one year since the appearance of his “Waves” conversion that took over all radios worldwide, the German youngster reached platinum with his most recent single “Prayer C“. Following on the same pattern, Alle Farben, a proficient go-getter to shy dancers, influenced by the late 30’s and 40’s, Alle’s sound combines old melodic swing to the deep house template.

The German duo of Tube & Berger will carry the sound onto a gloomier, but no less danceable sphere. With an extensive drive to their music, edging the contemporary with familiar Tube & Berger will offer a wake up in the late night and to varnish the night, Olivier Weiter will keep the feel going until 7 in the morning.Kaleidoscope_WINACTIE_02

Studio 2 brings more of local Dutch talent to the table. With a recent record released on Einmusika, the Amsterdam-based Miss Melera will set the tone for a murky second studio as Cleavage is set to show onward. With his recent release on the infamous Hot Creations, Sydney Charles is set to creep under your feet with his choice of nasty basslines and daring rhythms that keep your feet and ears accurate. The second studio will end on the note of funk and groove from Utrecht’s very own Samuel Deep.

Kaleidoscope is giving away 2 tickets to the event on the 27th of September. Along with the tickets, two lucky participants have the chance to win 20 consumption coins and a hotel room for the night.

You can gain access to the sweepstakes by posting in the comment section bellow, a song of your choice from one of the artists that will perform during the night.

Robin Schulz (DE) | Alle Farben (DE) | Tube & Berger (DE) | Olivier Weiter (official page) | Rachelle Grooten | Nod One’s Head (live) (DE) | Sidney Charles (DE) | Cleavage | Miss Melera | Samuel Deep | Anil Aras | Wouter S. | Locklead |

September 27 | Kaleidoscope | Tickets | Central Studios (Utrecht) |


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Sennheiser Creates Weirdest Ad Ever (And It’s Funny As Hell)


After seeing the latest Sennheiser commercial, we’re seriously wondering what the headphone-giant’s initial reaction was to the video that the advertising agency (McKinney) came up with. Were they even taken it seriously? Well seriousness is something that you have to leave out of your verdict here, as it is about as severe as a Monty Python sketch after smoking half an ounce of Amsterdam’s finest. We present you: the most absurd commercial of the year.

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DGTL Kompakt ADE Podcast #001 By Blond:ish


BLOND:ISH got their kickstart into the music world after they claimed the World Air Guitar Championship title in Montreal in 2008. Since then it’s been a whirlwind of gigs, music releases and a never-ending mission to spread love and expand consciousness through music. As members of the Kompakt and Get Physical families along with a slew of other labels, Anstascia and Vivie-Ann have carved out a niche thanks to their dark, sensual club music, sultry DJ sets and outrageous, fun-loving attitude.

All of which they say to be showing during Kompakt’s upcoming label night in cooperation with DGTL. The NDSM-docklands will be the home to some of the finest contributors of the Cologne-based imprint, sporting acts like Gui Boratto, label co-owner Michael Mayer, Kölsch, Superpitcher, Dauwd, upcoming Amsterdam duo Weval among others.

In the beginning there was no plan, just a chance meeting at WMC in 2007 which resulted in a cosmic bond between two house music loving visionaries and the conception of one of Montreal’s midweek mangles at Cherry nightclub. Their work as promoters and DJs at the party, which was called ‘BLOND:ISH’, started a natural chain of events and it was only a matter of time before they decided it was time to transmit the hedonistic spirit of their debauched soiree to the rest of planet Earth.

In 2010 they packed up and shipped out of Canada to soak up all the energy and inspiration London had to offer. The influential city provided the perfect location for their musical endeavours. Stardust manifested itself in several key moments of pure magic over the following years; from an old friend connecting them to the Kompakt family and their first release with the seminal label, to M.A.N.D.Y’s Philipp opening a spine-tingling set in the wonder of the Mexican jungle with ‘In My Head’ and welcoming them into the Get Physical crew.


Some original productions helped them to gigs across the world. One of their ultimate experiences have taken place at Burning Man where for the last 4 years, they could truly embrace their hippie spirit and share their ideologies with like-minded people. Remixes for several high-profile artists showcased their ability to put a sly electronic BLOND:ISH spin on a myriad of styles. Electronic music legends Depeche Mode among the many recipients of their unique talents.


Artist PageSoundcloud

Gui Boratto LIVE | Michael Mayer | Kölsch ft. Troels Abrahamsen LIVE | Blond:ish | Superpitcher | Rebolledo | Dauwd LIVE | Nuno Dos Santos | Weval LIVE | Jorn Liefdeshuis |

October 18 | DGTL Kompakt ADE | Tickets | NDSM-Docklands |

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