HVOB – Window (Gui Boratto Remix)

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Check out the full premiere of Gui Boratto’s latest treat: his remix to the new HVOB EP, ‘Window’.

The latest EP from Vienna’s electronic outfit HVOB, aims to be more than music. To HVOB, it’s a multimedia art project that combines audio, video, and art installation tactics into one creative gestalt. You can preview the oeuvre here before its release on November 28, as HVOB has sent it to us in lieu of a mix for our EB Radio series. The EP, which includes remixes from Gui Boratto and Acid Pauli, foreshadows a forthcoming album due out next year.

HVOB stands for “Her Voice over Boys”, which perfectly describes the idea behind the project: HVOB is synonymous with intelligent, emotive and melodic, sophisticated electronic music. “An enchanting female voice combined with meditative beats” said the “Berliner Zeitung” on the German debut of HVOB. And they have stuck to this adequate description ever since.

Gui Boratto follows the same idea in his remix, which is an ambient piece, characterized by piano chords, playful guitar plucking and that typical bass sound of his. You won’t be hearing ‘Window’ remix in a club any time soon, its focus lies more on a lazy day at home, where you haven’t got a worry on your mind. Or on moments when you need to forget about those worries for a bit.

Window EP is out now on Stil vor Talent:
iTunes:      http://bit.ly/11BPJQ7
Beatport: http://btprt.dj/1toz5tV
Vinyl:       http://bit.ly/1vt1LoN

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Review: Junktion – Monologue EP

junktion monologue EP

The cosmopolitan vinyl-only label Slow Town Records has roots in Spain, France and the US but is keeping rather mysterious on the masterminds behind it. With this upcoming EP they are heading for their eighth release and second time with the Dutch, Nijmegen based artist Hans Peeman aka Junktion. As it should, sound-wise, this four tracker is perfectly in line with the imprints’ earlier releases.

The label was set up unpretentiously to print 180gram wax for each release with an old school fat & sweet and deep & warm house sound, giving an answer to the current mainstream sound. And indeed, when browsing through their earlier releases catalogue makes you find a set of tracks that will take you on a journey to what connoisseurs would call true house music.

The same is true for Junktion and his signature live instruments, sample based and funky deep house sound. His releases have been critically acclaimed by heavyweights like Session Victim, Detroit Swindle and Homework to name a few and keeps on getting more plays and views each record. Next to this, together with Daniel Leseman, Mr. Peeman is co-founder of Dutch record label Outplay Records, known for their much-supported First Things First EP which was presided by artist duo Fouk, a side project Peeman runs with that same partner label owner and producer Daniel Leseman.

This four-headed EP “Monologue” blindly connects with Junktion’s key sound. The first cut, Prologue tunes in into a funk, soul and 116 BPM jazzy house track. The combination of piano keys, old school synth riffs, subtle background noises and a simple right side guitar lick fit this jam into an unstoppable groove.

Second and title track Monologue opens with a warm four bar riff and constructively brings in new samples and synths. After the first break of 32 beats a catchy lick of trumpets is introduced, adding up to the summer and warm atmosphere of the track. Midway the jam, he eases in a monologue with some movie quotes on the love for music and consequently the break is set to a highlight by bringing the baseline and trumpets back to the forefront altogether. The combination of warm live instruments, the catchy drum loops and subtle baseline show a true craftsmanship in Junktion’s production of house music.

Epilogue once again exhibits Peeman’s love to combine jazz elements with house drums and vocal bits. The level of feel good vibes in this track is utterly high and speaking for the richness of musicality of the producer. The high amount of subtle components and background noises during the track combined with the continuously hitting vocal bits give this cut an irresistible drive, swing and funkiness that will stomp your feat and bump your head uncontrollably.

Remix duties for Monologue have been given to Southern Frenchman Jean-Pierre Baroni aka Mr KS. This upcoming producer speeds up the tempo of the track and gives it a good, club viable twist just a couple of steps away from the original.

Artist PageSoundcloud

1. Junktion – Prologue

2. Junktion – Monologue

3. Junktion – Epilogue

4. Junktion – Monologue (MR KS remix)

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Pleinvrees Podcast #002 By Daniel Bortz

daniel bortz

Pleinvrees is exiting 2014 with a bang. During events in both Amsterda and Rotterdam, on the 12th & 13th of December respectively, the the organization will spawn quite the line-up during the two-day showdown. From John Talabot, Daniel Bortz and Konstantin Sibold to Nuno Dos Santos, Young Marco and Ten Walls in Rotterdam (010) to Kollektiv Turmstrasse LIVE, Oliver Schories, N’to LIVE and Mees Dierdorp in Amsterdam (020).

To set the tone for Pleinvrees 010, here’s Daniel Bortz’ mix, with a rather unusual and harder sound than you might expect from him, but it will get you in weekend mode for sure.

Berlin-resident Bortz, born in Augsburn, has been brought up on a range of musical genres by his parents. At the age of fourteen he became interested in DJing and hasn’t left the decks ever since. His national and international scope and versatility in sound and a talent to make himself useful in various club or festival moods has brought him in high demand to this day. His catalog of releases is impressive after his debut EP back in 2007. Since then he has released on Innervisions, Pastamusik, Circle Music, Suol and others.

What you will hear now are perhaps not the soulful, deep elements that Daniel is mostly known for, but a more rugged, uptempo side of him, leaving you longing for the weekend while and after the mix is playing.


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John Talabot | Ten Walls LIVE | Joris Delacroix | Daniel Bortz | Konstantin Sibold | Miss Melera | Arjuna Schiks LIVE | Nuno Dos Santos | Young Marco | Mees Dierdorp |

December 13 | Pleinvrees 010 | Tickets | Factory 010 |

[Pleinvrees 020]

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