'What's Happening Brother?'

'What's Happening Brother?'MARVIN GAYEMotown

"If there's one thing I listen to more than anything else it's probably Marvin Gaye's 'What's Going On?'. Every artist dreams of creating a body of work like this, it's the closest thing to perfection, and I never get tired of its genius."

BlissDeon Custom

I’m not really sure how to take this. It’s all a bit too saccharine, try hard and busy, and the vocal effects just feel contrite. Nah.

RattlerG.H.O.S.TGoldman Records

New quartet G.H.O.S.T have gained immense support from DJs across the scene, being played regularly in club sets and securing airplay on nationwide radio stations. You’ve more than likely heard these tracks already, they’ve been in circulation for over a year. This roller is a fatty, with big weight bass at the bones of it. Understated bongos subtly lift the thaumaturgy vibe to a more tropical realm. 

Ran AwayDa Tweekaz feat Ghost WarsDirty Workz

These guys keep on delivering vocal hardstyle anthems bordering on a commercial level, but that’s not a bad thing for the scene in general. Featuring a catchy male vocal and bleepy main melody, some clever pitch-bending sections give it that extra edge. This is one of those tracks that's made to be played at peak-time on the main stage at festivals of the harder styles this summer.

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Like A Memory

Like A MemoryTechinmaticShogun Audio

Drum & bass seems to be going through a nostalgic time at the moment — this track really is ‘Like A Memory’. A concoction of elements which create a vibe taking us back a decade, but combined with modern techniques and influences. A joy to listen to. Great layering on the vocal. 

SomersaultsLogisticsHospital Records

You can always rely on Hospital to add a drop of golden fun to the ever-darkening scene. Logistics returns to his solo endeavours for this release, using the classic imprint blueprint, which he himself helped to create. The track is reminiscent of a time when drum & bass haunts were filled with lovely uplifting chords, its euphoric bassline inducing nostalgia. The real gem on this EP however, is the flip ‘Triangles’. 

'Printloop (The Others Remix)'PLASTICIAN

"Taken from Terrorhythm’s forthcoming ‘Remastered’ album. It has been a great project to be involved with and I’m really happy with the way this remix has turned out.

Waiting ForThe DropReggae Roast

In this life, time is precious and attention spans short. So, in my public service duty, I feel I’m bound to tell you to cut the shit and head straight to the LV remix and bruk the fuck out. Weird, K-hole garage vibes with a phantasm of dub lingering in a never-ending echo. Nuff said. Broadcast terminated.

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Love Taking Over

Love Taking OverDusky17 Steps

Yup, it’s another one of those quick fast-forward moments. This time press >> on the title track, which whilst not bad at all, is totally eclipsed by the killer steez of ‘Inta’, which bleeds attitude. It starts with tougher kicks, sharper snares and an all-round bad-ass vibe, nailing a big jungle element right at the heart of the melody and making it sound totally natural. Add in some late keys and boom! Dancefloor gold.

MandroidMediks & ShimonAudioPorn Records

Heavy, hard and fast. Machinery gone wild. This track literally sounds like the entire electrical contents of your house have joined forces to create some kind of killing appliance army, and they’re coming for you...

How You Love Me (Panda Remix)3LAU feat Bright LightsIsland

Tempers down the brash vocal EDM vibes of the original single from 3LAU and Bright Lights, exchanging it for some summery electro grooves. Smooth, silky and fun.  

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