Premiere: Keinemusik – Guilt Trip (Frankey & Sandrino Remix)


“You Are Safe”, Keinemusik’s first ever collab album has made it through a number of club-located performance tests over the last weeks, clicking with crowds and DJs alike.

Over the coming weeks, a handful of much-valued artists will also hand in their gorgeous remixes of the source material coming out via pairings of two with the first being DJ Tennis and Frankey & Sandrino.

Here, Frankey & Sandrino’s take on the already unobtrusive “Guilt Trip” is leading into even more self-forgetful realms, letting their ruminant groove waft on thick clouds of white noise. Keeping the iconic vocals of the original, they would add synth pads to have the resulting call and response interaction arrange an irresistible height of pleasure. On the track, the duo describes:

‘The remix emerged from a moment of pure inspiration on a deserted beach in Brazil, far away from civilisation. Everything that we have experienced before this moment, the up and downs of this long journey can somehow be heard in this mix. It was created by fate and comes from the heart.’

“You Are Safe Remixes” is available 9 March on Keinemusik PRE ORDER

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Premiere: Vander – Blue Eyes (Original Mix)


For his Crossings debut, the talented Vander showcases his unique approach to music in a beautiful and hypnotising piece of art named “Blue Eyes”, taken from the first volume of the VA series “Reflection”.

Bringing together like-minded music lovers and artists was pivotal in Crossings past and is now becoming a direction for the London based label. “Reflection Vol. 1” puts a spotlight on two unique but like-minded artists: Sander and Vander, respectively the residents of Horde in Paris and The Gardens of Babylon in Amsterdam. An atypical label, Crossings gathering through releases, events and podcast series local heroes from around the globe, such as the residents of Boneca and Unleash in London, Klassified in the French Riviera, Überhaus/The Gärten in Beirut, HYPE in Tunisia and as mentioned The Gardens of Babylon and Horde. It has been thought as a platform for respective underground communities to interact and grow.

Since its inception, the label has been striving to promote and focus on talents such as Parallells, Joep Mencke, Bondarev and Sam Shure who made the label unique with its distinctive melodic signature.

“Floraison/Blue Eyes” is avaiable 9 March on Crossings PRE ORDER

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fryhide Taps Groj For 10th Release


Once in a while you find an artist thats far from the norm and anything else you heard before but so good and intimate that it instantly grabs you.

As so with fryhide/‘s latest signing. Montreal based Singer and Songwriter Groj delivers the 10th release on’s fryhide imprint. It’s Dance but it certainly offers another emotional dimension to it. Groj adds: “The music came very fluently, I felt i explored boundaries and set a new standard for myself.” We can definitly agree to that. HOSH himself offers a more floor pleasing version of the title track.

“The Crossing” is NOW AVAILABLE on fryhide BUY

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