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  • Check out the full list of specs and performance features for each of these 6 cards here:
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  • I this tutorial we demonstrate how to prep old songs that float in time so you can seamlessly mix them into your electronic sets. Visit this post for more info and the mp3's used:
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  • FXpansion Dcam Synth Squad

    Hi Guys, I have recently purchased the Fxpansion’s D.Cam Squad and have been wowed by how amazing these plugin’s are. “DCAM: Synth Squad finally delivers the satisfaction of playing real analogue instruments in software! Advanced modelling technology carefully reconstructs the soul of dusty vintage circuits within your computer, for the unmatched vibe of hardware at [...]

    FXpansion Dcam Synth Squad

    Post date: 22/04/2010 - 1:52am
  • Download the Songs here: In this video Ean Golden takes 4 songs with 4 cue points each and re-arranges them. The top row is the bass line (Tribe called quest) and the 2nd line is a classic drum loop. The third row is the DWYK acapella and the bottom row is triggering a noise tone. These samples and more info including the mapping will be posted on Dj on Monday.
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  • Here are 4 FX combos in Traktor Pro that create instant build-ups and transitions. These 4 presets are built into the new VCI-100 3_4 SE mapping which can be downloaded for free here: However these combos will work with all controllers.
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  • ddj-sz-header

    We got an on-the-ground, inside look at the new Pioneer DDJ-SZ ultra 4-deck controller for Serato DJ at NAMM 2014. This comprehensive beast gives you the size and feel of a DJM mixer/two CDJ combination without all the cost. It has exclusive onboard effects, amazing performance pad modes, and a unique 2-port USB connection that lets you mix from two computers at once or swap out DJs without stopping the music. Get the inside scoop with video right here. For Serato DJ users who want high-end Pioneer quality but have no need to play from CDs or USB sticks, the DDJ-SZ offers affordable Pioneer quality for Serato DJ users on the go or for small venue/bar installations. When we say it’s affordable, we’re talking about a...

    Post date: 14/12/1901 - 8:45am
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