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  • DJs play a large selection of tracks each gig. For artists, there is no guarantee that their latest banger will be played by the club's DJ. Sure, the artist can try to finesse their way to the booth to hand the DJ a flash-drive, but that can be intrusive and annoying to the DJ. That's where Spinfire comes in to play. Spinfire is an app for iOS and Android that allows DJs to sell "plays" during their sets. Artists can then pay DJs a fee ($20-$500) for them to play their tracks. 

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    Post date: 31/08/2017 - 4:58pm
  • How do you mix when you can’t make out your audience? What are the differences between sound coming out of a PA system and a pair of headphones on each person in the crowd? Read our tips for your first Silent Disco gig!

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  • Native Instruments is now hosting a new series of video tutorials known as Traktor Trutorials. The series contains nine different tutorials each running, on average, under a minute. Each of these routines contain shots of the gear, a list of instructions, and screen recordings of Traktor. Check out all nine tutorials below. Jump The Beats […]

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  • Stepping up to your first set of CDJs at a gig? To many DJs who never spin on CDJs, this may sound super intimidating at first. Have no fear: there are basic functions that work just the way any controller does. If you can play on any digital controller, CDJs are no problem! Today's tips will help prep you for your next big gig using the industry standard club rig.

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  • Guest contributor Steven Maude has put together ideas for how every streaming service could improve for listeners, music producers, and DJs.  

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  • Not everyone in the world has access to high-quality DJ gear. For much of the world, DJing is growing in popularity - but the cost of getting a solid mixer or controller is prohibitive. A new project, Traktorino, has built a basic MIDI mixer on top of the Arduino Uno, with the goal of being more accessible. Keep reading for details. 

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    Post date: 24/08/2017 - 6:15am
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